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For the second time, I got a bill from Sprint with a TON of calls I DID NOT make! They were all to either 1-800 numbers or to cities where I didn't even know anyone.

And the weird thing was, ALL the calls were within minutes of each other, and some of the calls even overlapped minutes. (How is this possible??) I've been a customer for 7 years, and it was obvious that this bill was NOT consistent with all my other bills, except for the LAST time this same problem happened in June. Sprint refused to give me a credit and tried to force me to upgrade my package to more minutes. When I refused, one of their customer service reps acutally PRANK CALLED me on both my cell phone and my home phone and left "prank" messages on both phones.

(I KNOW it was Sprint because their number came up on my caller ID on BOTH phones.) I saved the messages and called Sprint corporate the next day, then played the messages for them, but so far, I don't think anything was done. Obviously, I cancelled service with such an UNPROFESSIONAL company. Unfreakin' believable!

I hope their building(s) burn to the freakin' ground! I've got NO use for them at all!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Cell Phone Upgrade.

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