I have been a loyal Sprint customer for 5 years. When I got married I brought my wife over from T-Mobile as well. We have had a family plan for 4 years now.

Recently my cell phone gave me a blank white screen inside and out. I am 1 year an 7 months into my 2 year contract. Due to this, the phone has become completely useless. I called the technical service department. They told me that they have seen/heard this problem before. They instructed me to take it to a local service center and they could put it on the diagnostic machine and repair it fairly easily, though I may be charged the diagnosis fee.

I took the phone to the local store and they replaced the battery...no joy. They then told my wife (and I on the phone) that this was all they could do. They said that the telephone tech department is ignorant of the local store procedure and over promised. The store told me that, though it was a manufacturer's defect, because the one year warranty was up and since I had no insurance I would just have to go out and buy a new phone.

Shortly there after, I called customer service to discuss the issue. I explained to them that currently I have no phone and 5-6 months left on my contract. He apologized and told me that there was nothing that he could do for me. I had asked if it seems fair for me to pay for a new phone when I took good care of the phone and it is a manufacturer's issue, he said no but that there was nothing more he could do since I had no insurance. I asked if it seemed fair for me to pay for insurance to cover someone else's mistake since in the last 5 years I have never had any type of self inflicted cell phone issue. I had never once got my phone wet, dropped it on the floor, or even exposed it to severe elements. He said "I understand but there isn't anything else I can do to help".

So now I am up the cell phone plan creek without a cell phone paddle. I was told that my issue has been resolved to the best of their ability and to call if I have any other questions.

I am left wishing that the federal government (Congress, FCC, somebody) would impose increased level of accountability in this industry. At least if plans could only be as long as the manufacturer's warranty or maybe that manufacturer's would have to be responsible for any product within the cell contract period.

The worst part of this is that, literally, I have no recourse but to spend $100, $200 or $300 on a brand new Sprint phone when I have only 5-6 months left on a contract. Or, I could always pay the $150/line termination fee and go to a new provider in the hope of getting new phiones for my wife and I.

A 5 year customer gets treated extremely poorly. Out of principle I think I plan to leave Sprint and do some research to find another wireless provider.

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bad analogy by truth bomb its more like you had to buy cable box and the box went out for no reason but being stuck till you can get a promo deal when your cable contract expires

YES i realize not MANY cable / satelite company's make you sign a contract but some do and they also make you pay for your equipment if you dont have a credit card


The cable company should pay for your broken T.V. if they were the ones who sold it to you.


Truth bomb hit it right on the head. My suggestion to anyone in this predicament is to go on EBay. I got my daughter a refurbished phone that was good as new for $25 that would have cost me $350 in the store.


You are to cheap to pay for insurance and look what happened. Sprint did not make your phone.

Samsung, Sanyo or who ever did. You clearly stated the phone was out of warranty. Sprint honors the manufactrers warranty in store. If you are outside of that warranty you can pay a fee or buy a new phone.

The analogy of if your TV broke, your cable company should pay for it because you cannot watch tv and you pay for cable service works here. Who gave you your sense of entitlement?


One word for you my friend . .

. insurance.

It may seem to be a waste of $5 a month. Resolves an issue like this with no issues.

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