bought sprint evo from celluar deals before bought phone called sprint c/s and went on chat line both said could get 4g service when got phone could not get 4g service callled sprint tech support 3 times and got 3 diffent answers why i coulf not get 4g service web was ok but you tube and tv was slow battery life was bad and finger prints was bad have to walk around with rag to clean in sun light cannot see disply i sent phone back and got my money back and canceld contract sprint has a long way to go before they can get 4 g service talked to one guy at radio shach he said he turned off 4g service what is reason to have 4g phone if cannot get 4g waste of my time and money pure junk

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

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After 7 months of having an EVO and having lived in two major metro areas I just tased 4G in South Florida. But it only worked 20% of the time.

What a joke!

My latest complaint and I am furious over this is they downloaded blockbuster, nova, kindle apps, and I cannot remove them. I am ready to turn the phone in, and f*** them. Give me a bad credit rating.. I makle tons of money.

The phone screen looks like a corporate bill board.

Apple I-phone does not force Apps on you like this. What can we do about this?


Everyone b*tching about the 4G availability makes me laugh. Sprint has a coverage map right on their website.

It is dumb to pay $10 a month for a service you don't have access to...

so get a different phone!

I live in Indiana (no 4G), but work in Illinois (tons of 4G). It's well worth the $10 a month even for part time use.


ant what do you like about it .phone is to big battery life is bad and finger print worse cannot see display in sun lite best phone is att i phone 3gs or 4g sprint will have it in a couple years than trade that piece of junk in evo and get a real phone


ant what do you like about it .phone is to big battery life is bad and finger print worse cannot see display in sun lite best phone is att i phone 3gs or 4g sprint will have it in a couple years than trade that piece of junk in evo and get a real phone



Coming from a guy who has Buyers Remorse and returns everything he buys...I love the evo. Really. I have bought a Wii, PS3, and 360 and returned them all. I signed up for Tmobile, and then 4 days later canceled it.

So far, Sprints service has either been the same as the other services in my area, or has given me more bars.

Also, as a person who works with phones I can honestly say that 200 dollars for a phone with a 2 year contract is not that bad for a phone that is on top of the curve. It pretty much has all and more of the specs of the other top of the line phones being made.

Yes, the battery sucks, but look at it. It is gigantic but most TOUCH SCREEN phones are battery hogs do the resources it needs. I have no problem buying extra batteries because I can get them for ten bucks.

As for 4G...it is available in most areas however only for short periods while they do tests. I do agree that the 4g service should be optional as it is not fair to pay for a feature that cannot be used. HOWEVER, when it is readily available I bet you would be more than willing to pay it.

Also, 10 bucks extra is nothing considering the plan. 69.99 for a plan with unlim txt web and cell phone calling. Really who uses a land line, not even my parents have one. That's a better and more economical plan than Tmobile and (ughhhh) AT&T (pains me to say that name).


T mobile has same phone buy on line 4 49.99 no 4g but sprint no 4g either and pay 10 dollars more a month for sprint and cannot get 4g 2 years is a long time to pay for some thing you cannot get


pure garbage to big of phone battery life bad finger prints bad cannot see display in sun light i phone 4g better bought it has problems to


Sprint has come up with a way to screw over their customers. Been with sprint over ten years .

Purchased the evo at outrageous price w/ an upgrade, then I was informed that I would have an additional 10$ added to my bill for 4g service that's not available in my area. And the hotspot feature is only available when u pay an additional $30 each month. What a rip off.

I canceled my services. Way to treat loyal customer


have white evo but is black in front and white in back whats next


Had sprint htc touch pro 2 good phone but sd card problem when change have to reset phone lose contacts pictures and memory not worth hassle of changing every change card. called sprint they had no answer for problem sent phone back


I think the evo is a nice phone but it is ahead of its time .when sprint has 4g service thru the united states then the phone will be special


I actually was looking on the Sprint website from their mobile broadband devices and found out 4G is not yet available in some states. I immediately logged in to chat with a Sprint rep and ask if I were to purchase an EVO in a non-4G market would I still have to pay the additional $10, which after a drawn out cat'n'mouse episode was a big sock it to the customer YES.

So Sprint wants to charge you for phone functionality even when their network can't allow you to actually tap into that capability. Give any song n dance they like this is what it is.


had same problem with phone called sprint and they sprint said i could get 4 g service got phone and could not get 4g sent back

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