I had sent an email privately to Sprint's Executive Relations about this, but they never replied back. Most likely because I am no longer a customer. So I am going to post this here and now; in the hopes that Sprint gets rid of their Outsourced CC. Which is killing the company.

Up until recently I had been with Sprint for 3 years. I was also with Nextel for several months before they became part of Sprint. Sprint once had in my opining the best service. The Customer Care always seem to have a few issues, but I dealt with it because the overall service was great. In the past 2 years their service has gone to ****. No matter what phone I had, the service just kept getting worse. But overall their service still has many PROS, but their biggest *** is their Customer Care. From my understanding, Sprint outsourcing all of their Customer Care. Some care reps work in the USA through a company called TAG (The Answer Group). I used to live down the street from one of their large warehouse-type buildings. TAG on its own is horrible. The horror stories from there never end. The rest of Sprint Customer Care-CC comes from places in India and the Philippians. I might add, Sprint doesn't offer wireless service in India or the Philippians; so this just adds to the problem. If your lucky enough to get a hold of an American, then you have a better chance at getting some help. If someone answers and you can barely understand them, your in trouble. I have called CC and asked the rep simple basic questions and they had no idea what I was talking about. I once asked how I could add the $1.99 Contact Backup service to my account , and the person was "Ahh, we don't offer such a service." I once called asking to add GPS Navigation to my plan, and the woman told me I would need to change my current plan to add that feature. I hung up, called back, spoke to an American who added it to my plan within minutes. I once sat on hold for 45 minutes to get help with correcting a billing error. The woman put me on hold, and I was transfered back to the main menu. When I called back and waited on hold for another hour, the women hearing I was upset (I didn't yell or swear, I was just upset), said "Okay sir, may I put you on hold for a minute so I can look into this?" I said "Sure". And she then hung up on me, because the problem was going to require more then a few minutes of work on her part. I once called, waiting on hold for an hour or so, when the guy picked up, and I started talking, he pretending not to hear me and hung up. He might not have been pretending, but he didn't even try to fix anything; he just hung up.

Sprint, in the hopes of saving money, has sold us customers out. These foreign CC reps have very little training, and don't even seem to understand the simplest of Sprint features or problems. Sprint as a company doesn't seem to understand that firing American workers, to employ people who will work for less, DOESN'T HELP US CUSTOMERS! How can some guy in India, who has never used Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, ect services on an American street corner, have any working knowledge of the problem "I" as an American am going through. They can't! When I call customer care, and an American answers, they can say "Oh yeah I had that problem. You just have to do this to fix it." BECAUSE THEY LIVE IN AMERICA, USING THE SAME PRODUCTS AND SERVICES I AM USING!. All that guy in India can do is read off some *** trouble-shooting list, wasting both of our times.

Just keep this in mind. Which 2 US wireless carriers have been rated year and year for having the best Customer Care? Verizon and T-Mobile USA. Why? BECAUSE THEY HIRE AMERICAN EMPLOYEES, TO ASSIST AMERICAN CUSTOMERS!! And T-Mobile USA not all that many years ago was rated dead-last in customer satisfaction. But they spent more money hiring American's, spent more time training them, and gave them a feeling of love for the company they are working for. And that shows now. Because if I call Verizon right now, I will speak to an American rep, who will go out of their way to help me. And they will keep working on the issue until it is 100% solved.

So Sprint, if you want me back as a Customer,






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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1242055

its 2016 and the customer service is still awful! Indian guy spoke english but couldnt understand anything i was trying to tell him.

These people just dont grasp the language correctly.

Seriously stop the outsourcing for cheap overseas labor and hire americans. This is enough to make me switch carriers when my contract is up!


I like sprint if i have problem i go on chat line If you think sprint is bad you call straight talk had to tell them my credit card number 25 times to get service. Only problem with sprint they sprint do not have phones like att i phone sprint has evo to me to big of a phone


This review is still up? I was able to fix everything out with Sprint and no longer have anything mean to say about them.


I used to work there. They should stop outsourcing the customer service reps because customer complained that they could not understand the reps.

Plus, they would read from scrips and the customer would end up calling back anyway beacuse their issue had not been resolved due to a communication barrier. I'm not racist but you have to think about the customers.


*** the sand ***.

Middleburg, Virginia, United States #22766

You are an ignorant, wretched excuse for a human being. Crawl back under your bridge and stay there.

to Sookie #1173762


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