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Dear Sir or Madam,Please help.Sprint wireless harassed me and my account and mangled with the bill statements many times.

Apple accused Sprint by fraud first month I purchased the phone in February 2012. A supervisor in a Sprint office reviewed three bills of Oct, Nov, Dec. in Dec 2012, contacted customer service that agreed that Sprint owes me -$26 by Dec 2012. But at the end, Sprint insisted to collect $285 anyway.

Sprint supervisor questioned this amount saying "What is this for?" He received no answer. He requested an itemization as I did too every time, but Sprint refused to send him or to me any itemization. Sprint suspended my business line sometime in December 2012 without my knowledge. I paid my bill in full $83 on January 2013 before I knew my account was suspended.

It was a sneaky way so that I would not recognize the suspension. Later a client called me on my cell phone complaining of why my voice mail is not set after 22 years of non-interruption of business line. This is abuse and illegal and harassment. Then in February 2013, Sprint sent me another bill for January while my service was suspended by Sprint for couple of months by then, breaching the contract.

What a loose system and free abuse! Since Sprint disconnected my service by its choice, I transferred the line to another carrier in February 23, 2013, but Sprint still wants to charge me until March 2013. This is fraud and abusing women and clients. I owe nothing for January and February 2013 while the system is suspended since December 2012 without my knowledge.

I am cheated. This was insult and mafia. Sprint should be closed for safety of the public. Many stores ceased dealing with any Sprint products.

Hope this message reaches California Governor because I sent a complaint to him too. Please help because Sprint sent me a collection. Sprint owes me $2,000 loss of tuition, expenses, time, harassment, insult, and hanging the phone on me for five months every time I call in attempt to solve the problem and ask for itemization. I got sick from its harassment and could not study; until now I am dealing with new collection in March 2013.

I have names of all supervisors who helped me and those who harassed me. Calls were made days and nights for five hours per call using another carrier’s phone line using my minutes while Sprint phone was not working. What a mafia company! Am I *** here?

No one could help consumers from these abuses? Why should we be left alone? Sprint called me for couple of months on another phone line and then charged for its suspended service, would you or anyone pay or be cool in writing? I am not supposed to be blamed for my frustration.

This is corrupted company, women engineers business and tuition are so important as Sprint company too, it has no authority over my business line to abuse it.I am full time doctoral student with very high tuition not to be abused in calling days and nights and writing complaints for free for five months, since October 2012.Please help immediately.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #1262996

It has nothing to do with the fact that you're a woman, as much as you'd like it to. They've been breaching my contract for months, I'm just waiting to take themy to court and I have a ***. Stop with the feminist ***

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