When I signed up with Sprint as my cellular phone carrier 11/30/2009 I was told to try the phone for 30 days and if not happy return the phone and there would no charge.

When I returned the phone 12/28/2009 two days before the 30 days were up again I was told I had occurred no charges. In January 2010 Sprint sent me a bill for $110.

When I called Sprint and ask why I received a bill I was told it was for minutes used. I called Sprint and explained to the customer service representative I had been told there would be no charge if the phone was returned before 30 days. Not only was she rude but she said, "Nothing is ever free". When it comes to Sprint the word free means "hidden charges".

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

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Buford, Ohio, United States #170364

Ummm, you do have to pay for your usage. I agree that they shouldn't have to tell you that nothing is free, that was rude but the terms & conditions say that even if you cancel within your 30 days you still have to pay for your usage.

Actually, now they have changed that and they have the Free Guarantee which no other carrier has because you will get charged for usage with other carriers even if you cancel in your trial period. Your trial period just means you can opt out before you get locked into a two year contract.


i had sprint for 2 weeks they sent me bill for 60.05 went on chat line explained about 30 days my balance is 0 keep e mail them or go on chat line or call they will get tried of hearing from you and your balance will be 0 you think sprint is bad try att had bill from them never got tryed to get service told me had bill took over 2 months to resolve at least sprint sends you a bill if you let bill go you will have bad credit like me

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