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I've been a Sprint customer since 1999. Their voice quality is outstanding, and their data services are unmatched.

My son is now 15 and pretty active in school & church activities so we got him a cell phone to make it easier to get ahold of him when he's out and about. Added this phone to our plan (shared minutes) in February 2008. I asked that unlimited texting & data be added to his phone when I ordered it.

Every single month since February, I've received bills for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in overages for data & text messaging on my son's phone. Every single month all six of my phones are disconnected due to an enormous unpaid bill ($1,000-$1,800), and I have to call in & dispute the charges. After several minutes of arguing they always credit the charges, and always promise they will make sure unlimited texting & data is added; however, next month it's the same story. Been doing this for six months now.

I've spoken to managers, supervisors, etc. about the problem, they're usually cordial and helpful, however, they never solve the problem. 5 years ago if something like this happened, they would be bending over backwards, checking with their IT folks to find out why it keeps happening, and probably crediting my account with a few hundred bucks or a free phone for all my trouble. Not sure what's happened between then and now.

Back in May of 2008 my son's phone suddenly stopped working. I called to see what was up, and they said his line had been cancelled and my account was charged a $250 cancellation fee. Turns out it was a "system error" that caused my son's line to magically be cancelled. They offered to re-activate it for free but were going to give him a new number. I demanded he keep his old number, they finally agreed, and it took 5 days to get his phone working again.

It is now September 2008 and I have another cell phone bill with $500+ in additional text messaging & data charges.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Plan.

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