SPRINT IS A RIP OFFF! at first everything sounded soooo great...

then after the 4th or 5th bill i started getting charged for *** stuff. they when i went to pay a bill with my checking account they accidently was in someone elses account and i guess paid their bill instead of mine, then when i found out they said they cant do anything about it. i was FURIOUS!!!! early termination fee is $200 per phone including your last billing..

my bill was $632 with those *** fees i didnt even kno what they were.. im barely on my phone, i have unlimitd text which is ALLL I DO LITERALLY i dont talk to friends or family until later on in the evening!

sprint can kiss my asssss!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Account.

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*** right sprint is just a bunch of low brow queers who deserve to have their *** jammed with a rusted pipe for their crimes


There are things they can do but Sprint don't give them enough time on the phone to resolve your issue. They are only trying to keep a job but w/ sprint that is only temporary anyway. You the consumers are what suffers & its a tragedy of a company


i signed for 39.99 month 700 min and unlimited night and weekend after 9pm and barley on the phone.They manage to extort hundred of dollars from me monthly i never in 2 years got a 39.99 bill

Redlands, California, United States #50292

Dats Da Truth !! I Agree 100%


I completely agree with "Sprint is a rip off." It is horrible company with so much lie. Sprint employee should feel ashame.



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