When I got my Sprint Bill in Feb I found out they were jacking my bill up by $10.00. Not much but not what I signed up for..........I lost my phone on January 21, 2011.

So I had to get a new one.

Little did i know that sprint would start a Premium data charge because i had to get a new phone..........thats not what i signed up for but they can screw yoou i guess and one should like it..........when i got my bill and called rt away they told me of some "date" they set that after which if you made changes to your plan they would add this charge. I talked to Sprint 4-5 or 6 time from the day I lost my phone and the time i got my bill-no one told me of this change-pissed,really pissed n GA

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Plan.

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