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I am being charged $4.99 because I am not enrolled in the Automatic Pay system through the Sprint website. However, I am set up through my bank to make automatic payments to Sprint every month so I never have to worry about being late.

If I am already making automatic payments through my bank account and I'm never late why am I being charged $4.99 because I didn't give Sprint my bank information?

They are charging me for NOT using their system, but I am sick of giving out all my personal information to every company I deal with. I'm going elsewhere for service!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

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And yet, you seem to have no problem giving out your name, address, and Social Security number to open a new account.


I agree! I have been a Sprint Customer for 11 Years.

Then I am all of a sudden charged this "Spending Limit Program Charge", as they said they would remove the charge if I signed up for their Automatic bill pay Service. I said, "*** NO", because if I did that, it gives Sprint the authority to Debit my Account for what they want, and that sets me up for Distruction and Over Drafts etc... and I told them i was not going to be Extorted like that, and I reported them to the FCC, FTC and the BBB.

I suggest EVERYONE Else to Report Sprint to the Federal Trade Commission, FCC and the Better Business Bureau. If they get enough complaints, maybe sprint will listen and correct this Extortion issue.

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