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I moved from Denver, Colorado to the New Haven area in Connecticut. In Denver the service was great, in CT it was practically non-existent. After a few months of putting up with dropped GPS signal, dropped calls, you name it... I went into a couple of Sprint stores and they had no suggestions or solutions. I finally switched to Verizon out of necessity.

Needless to say, I was raging mad at having to pay a $280 early termination fee for what was at best intermittent service. I wrote to "Sprint Cares" on Twitter and was put in touch with a technical person in my area. He said he had to keep my account open to look into the problem, but I wouldn't be billed for any service that I didn't use. LIES, LIES, LIES!

I sent him a photo of my phone in various locations near my home getting no signal, even though I was getting our bars in Hartford. He said the service checked out fine in my area. NOT possible! But anyway I told him to close the account and work with management the best he could to reduce my termination fee. Then hurricane Sandy hit and he never really did anything for me ever again. I kept getting billed.

I finally settled with a collections agency for over $200 and then I kept getting more bills. I tried again resolving the issue by phone, "Sprint Cares", and the technical person. I have now been told they cancelled my account for NON-PAYMENT and are sending me NEW bills from the collections agency also in excess of $200.

So I have been lied to in the following ways:

1. The quality of the service I supposedly had

2. I kept getting billed for service I wasn't using

3. Their statement that I was cancelled for non-payment

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Only poor people go with Sprint. Everybody else knows they SUCK! Duh!


Sprint has garbage service, and employees who cannot comprehend the simplest problem.


Sprint is a bunch of liers and ripoffs.I wouldnt waste another dime on them

we also had a horrific time with this carrier and was
lied to, scammed, jammed, and intrusion shut offs by this carrier on a holidays. This carrier is notorious
for abusing its consumer and also lying.

they also will send you letters to tell you
you are not allowed to use their services when you complaint in retaliation.

get ready for that flabberghast.

they are one of the worst.
NY and Atlantic Coast has no towers working now
due to Hurricane Sandy. So prepare.

Switch carriers .and file complaints with court
to refund your full monies back!
:roll It sounds like a scam and rip off to people, no services working in that area for a long time due to disaster.
to thehappyshopper83392 #768844
:grin ive had sprint and there great LTE everywhere as well as all my bars never dropped one call :grin :grin :grin 8)
to bambinibambinobigalk #985468

I find that hard to believe.

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