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NOT SURPRISED!!! Had a nightmare with Sprint this year. I was on a no roaming plan. All of a sudden I started getting roaming charges on my bill.

How did I find out? I was visiting Arizona and was in the airport terminal trying to call my father to pick me up and I had no service. They had shut off my phone!

I called them and I couldn't understand a word of what the person was saying so I asked for someone who could speak English. She was very snotty and said so I barely understood her, "I speak English" I said ok...but I need a person who can speak FLUENT ENGLISH!!!! I was told it would be taken care of if I paid $40 on my credit card. Ummm, NO. Used a pay phone instead.

Next bill...more roaming plus late charges for not paying the first set. WTF?? Called, said same thing. This time got name and # of the associate. Emailed an "upper management person". He sent a mail back stating I owed NO roaming. I saved it.

Next month, $500 in roaming and late charges. I am pissed about now. Reported them to the better business bureau and the BBB contacted someone there. It was all apologies to me after that. The BBB, Sprint and I agreed that I will only pay $50 to cancel and have no further bills because my phone was off and hadn't been used in a month.

That should be it right? The NEXY DAY Sprint called me and told me that the charges were valid and that I was going to have to pay them $500.

I sent certified letters to the person at the BBB who was handling my case, the manager at Sprint and an investigator for the Attorney Generals office Dept. of consumer affairs letting them all know what Sprint was doing.

The BBB had another meeting with the rep for the company asking what was going on. All apologies from Sprint saying it was a miscommunication within the company.

Finally after 4 months of this they sent me a bill for $50 plus taxes. I'm a Verizon customer now. DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM I WAS WITH THEM FOR 3 YEARS AND THEY SCREWED ME OVER!!!

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