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How would you like it if you were told that your Palm Centro would cost only $99 and then you find that the bill is sent with a $425 charge next to the phone. Well that is it in a nutshell.

NATAYSHA in their Account Services sales department lied and told me that I could have a Palm Centro for $99 and now noone will help and they have cast me around to at least three departments and I have had at least three promises of a Return Authorization Package that has yet to arrive. Well, thank goodness I bullied one of them into giving me an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization number) and I used the return address on the box to send the !!@# phone back! the way they tell you that you have to have had the phone turned off by one of their people before you can return it, naturally that took another 5 phone calls. Still if you are interested in getting an address to return your phone take a look at this item for sale on Ebay...

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Account.

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