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Dear CEO,

Hi. Even before introducing myself, let me address an obvious first question. Why is this lengthy email worth the time of the CEO of such a huge company? Why is this different then millions of other emails you receive? I'm sure you're wondering that. Its a great question, and promise it will be answered.

I hope that the CEO is indeed the recipient of this email and is kind enough to read it in its entirety.

To honorable CEO - please skip next paragraph

(If the person reading this is not the CEO (and I'm sure it initially won't be,) then I urge you to please get it to him in the quickest and most effective manner. I understand that his time is valuable, and that he can't read every email from disgruntled costumers, but I'm sure he'd want to read this one. He is the only one who can help, and am certain this is in his best interest. It may even help change the company's future. I am not the typical customer who perhaps just likes to complain. Please don't let me down. I'm counting on you!)

I and my family have been a sprint customers for many years, and have shelled out tens and tens of thousand of dollars (literally) for your service. We currently remain Sprint customers (some of us), albeit extreeeemely unhappy ones. Honestly, its been a horrific experience. An absolute nightmare!!! I cannot stress enough how frustrating it is, and hope that it can still change.

So why do we even bother with sprint anymore, and instead just switch to another carrier? That's a question I've asked myself many times, and really don't have a solid reason. That's pretty sad. The only factor (at least then) that the company was known for and advertised was gone. The cheaper plan that was strongly touted didn't exist. The early termination fees, and the hassle and physical restrictions of migrating everyone in my family to another carrier is what forced us to stay as customers. The complications were endless.

I believe i can offer you a step better then just any feedback, as I have gone through it all, have been a customer for many years, and have been extremely patient and forgiving when I could be. I've spent a considerably long time (way too long) dealing with sprint on issues that I've had, and know that this company needs a whole lot of improvement. It needs a complete makeover. As the new Ceo, and somebody who seems determined to give sprint a better future, please hear my story.

Firstly, let me begin with the amount that I'm paying as it is an exorbitant amount . I am paying over $800 a month for my family plan (i have a large family, totaling 13 devices, and subsequently am required to pay for several plans). I have spoken to sprint countless times explaining the fees are so high, and that on any one of the rivals it would come out to be literally half the amount for comparable data usage. Even the loving Verizon, would be a fraction of the price. Sounds flipping insane!! I know. The people I spoke to outright agreed, as I sat there proving it with the numbers. The reason i'm paying so much is because I have a large family, and have to pay for multiple plans, whereas the rivals (mainly Verizon) accept 10 . All they would say is "unfortunately, there's nothing we could do". I've spoken to this manager, and that other person, his supervisor, and whatever other title, just to get the same results. Absolutely nothing!! No one could be of any help! No one could make any sense of my plans and account.

One person did worse than nothing when doing something ***. They screwed things up, said they could do something when they couldn't, and as a result the sixth line that I was approved for got kicked off, causing me to pay an additional hundred dollars a month when I was already paying 700 plus. I need a flipping mortgage to pay these insurmountable bills. I told him explicitly that losing that line cannot happen, yet he proceeded without a fallback option, telling me he can't roll back the system. He definitely didn't care. I wonder if he did it on purpose. He even had the audacity to hang up on me. So rude!! He screwed me over. What a douche. That guy should have been fired immediately.

Then came the framily plan, where the ***-ish experience really ***. This was supposed to bring my bill down to a reasonable price. It has done nothing of that sort. It only brought on more frustration, and confusion. Somebody named "Jason" started helping me, but of course got stuck shortly afterward. I was told i need a promotion to join my 2 plans (which is where i would be saving by getting the framily plan), and I would have to be contacted back. I knew that Sprint doesn't make too good on this promise from previous experience, and therefore made sure he had every contact information possible, and pleaded with him to finish the job. I tried to ensure that i would recieve my well-deserved plan change. But of course, here again, lacking the basic human decency, did not contact me. What the ***!!!!!!!!! Why on earth do you guys have no system to reach back the person who attempted to help. It's absurd!!!!! It was so *** frustrating!!!! I tried to call back and get in touch with him, but to no avail. I spent every single vacation day that I had speaking with a sprint employee hours on end!! Every chance I got, every moment to spear, it was spent sitting on the phone with *** sprint employees who are unable to do anything constructive. I was told that they were going to do something about it, but of course nothing. No contacting me back. Hours and vacation days (pretty much my life) talking, pleading, and then arguing with Sprint, with nothing to show for it other then a huge bill. I was stuck in limbo, between different plans, devices scattered, and my bill higher than ever before. I was told wrong information buy some, rude and outright hung up on by another, and not one victory, where I felt I accomplished something. It was so *** frustrating!!!!! I have know doubt that this is what *** feels like. The frustration is absolute torture!!! Sprint has consumed me!!

This was all under the leadership of the previous CEO, and was really excited when hearing that Sprint was planning on mergeing with T-mobile. I thought that would knock some sense into Sprint, and perhaps the customer service would be somewhat reasonable. Sadly, the merger didn't take place. However something else happened. And that's of course you taking over as CEO. Congratulations, by the way. I was super excited, thinking and hoping that maybe now things will change, and the horrific experience will be left in the past. Unfortunately that too has yet to happen. I was way off base. Still, customer service was as unhelpful as ever, with a new plan, they literally knew nothing about. Turns out I was teaching them about the plan. It took ten tries to get to someone who seemingly knew what they were saying. Maybe it was too complicating for the average person sitting behind a desk. The plan looked intruiging, but was useless with no one being able to help you migrate to it. They litterally didn't know a *** thing about it! My mind simply cannot process it. How in the world do you create a new plan without making your staff knowledgable about it? Without making sure they can help the customer? It's mind boggling!!!

What's worse then all is the most horrific, and I mean the absolute worst customer support that I've ever received from any company. Besides all the trouble that I've had on the phone talking to Sprint employees, I went the modern route of email. *** me. Its even easier to not respond to an email then to hang up the phone. Really??? That's how low you guys stooped? I even begged on some just to receive any sort of reply, to know that the hours of time I put into carefully written emails wasn't for naught. I even resolved to searching the web in a desperate attempt to find some sprint employees email address, who perhaps would have the basic courtesy as a human to respond. Absolutely nothing. No response. Like I'm talking to a computer (not even, as they advance). Tell me that its not crazy. Impossible! Its insane!!!!!!!

You seem like a motivated individual, who really wants to make your company rise from the dirt its been sitting in for so long. I love that feeling, as it instills hope that things can get better. I probably sound like I'm crazy from all this, and to tell you the truth I am. I can't focus on things anymore, because I'm always thinking about how you guys cheated me, and practically robbed all my money. I've been scammed!! I feel like you guys tied my hands and beat me like a punching bag!! Even when I pleaded for you to stop, you just wouldn't!

Every time I feel like I should sue you guys big time (and I'm certain that I can get a lot of money), I get this overcoming feeling like I want to make it better, not crush the company. I have been with Sprint for quite a while now and have invested hundreds of hours into the company. I feel like I need a return. I was with the company since its infancy, and want it to be a successful. It may be weird, but that feeling that perhaps i can change something and prevent others from undergoing the same experience, still lingers in the tiniest amount.

I am the tech savvy one amongst my friends and family, and as a result a ton of people ask me for advice about carriers and plans. Many people asked me about switching to Sprint, to witch i strongly advised and begged them not to. It would be a huge lie to tell them it was a good idea. They would regret it (for the foreseeable future it seems), and would probably hold it against me by now, threatening to shoot me. Until now I have tried everything in my power, just to be a regular happy paying customer, but your company wouldn't let. I'm tied in these lengthy expensive contracts, which are nearly impossible to get out of. You have me hooked and are now doing whatever you want with me. I've done everything I possibly can. What do you want from me.??? More money???? Why don't you just double or triple my current bill (and rationalize by emailing me about it)??? I'll pay for it.

I now receive dozens of emails telling me that I'm going over data allowance for certain devices. I don't even look at them. I can't. It just makes me sick. There's absolutely no reason why I'm paying even more now, other then that failed attempt to migrate me to a framily plan. I'm now stranded in a plan that makes no sense whatsoever. I can't even pick up the phone to call you guys anymore. Its like I'm traumitised to speak to these dumb, and insensitive employees (excuse my insult). They're clearly working solely for their paycheck, and don't give a *** about helping the distraught customer. Half of them should be out of a job. In a prior email I not so jokingly suggested that everybody (at least in the customer service department) should be fired at once or maybe in two stages, and you would have to go a rehiring process to see if you earn your job back. Yeah, it would be like a national firing day, or perhaps "the day we started caring for our customers" day. That's right you have to earn and be qualified for a job, especially when it involves interacting and trying to help customers. Then again, whose to say my email was even read? There's a reason why Sprint is rated with the worst customer service (definitely amongst other carriers, perhaps worse rated company ever!!!). Let's put our egos aside and admit to what the whole world knows. Its not just me having a bad situation. Its millions of people falling into similar traps, with a rude and totally unhelpful customer service. I love the idea that you recently added a customer review and support system on your website. However, that's not enough. It has to be filled with people having a pleasant experience, and not regretting being with Sprint. The average rating is like one star, with many people exclaiming they would give zero stars, if you gave it as an option. Don't you see the obvious first and hugely important thing that's wrong with Sprint? I'm not here to tell you how to run your company ( I guess I sort of am), but c'mon, it needs obvious fixing. So on behalf of everyone, I urge you to focus on repairing that awful customer service department and fragmentation issues that plague your company. Its so silly. You have all the neccessary infrastructure (besides for a support system where you can contact an employee directly), but kill it with not acquiring the basics. The fundamental instruments and morals don't seem to be in place. I long for the day when I can pleasantly pick up the phone to speak to customer service agent, and feel like I didn't just waste another freakin hour. Till now I have basically given you feedback and maybe advice on what needs fixing. Do what you will with it, but I have tried to describe it as accurately as possible, and are key things to improve your company, and raise it from the dirt its in. Oh, how much better the company would be..

In the midsts of writing this email, my mothers phone needed a sim card replacement, and after hopping from store to store (since most don't carry it), finally arrives at a store which does sell them. How much do you think they would charge for that small little dumb card? Go on.. Guess.

Well it was fifty bucks. That's fifty. Bet you didn't guess anywhere near that. That's preposterous. Comparable carriers charge 10-15 dollars at most (some free of charge). Its insane!!! That's a classic example of you trying to cheat your customers. Really??? You think you can just take advantage of people for the heck of it. When she questioned the large fee, the representative behind the counter immediately dropped it to 30, without a second delay. That's just completely unethical. That's not business tacticts. Its disgusting!!! She was so disgusted and walked straight out of the store. Im sure if she would have spoken to another person behind the counter who doesnt get joy by taking advantage of others, they would have given her a more reasonable price. She was smart enough to realize she was getting ripped off. Apparantly she's not as dumb as she looked to that trying to be salesman. Thats just something else. That's really your business model?? Extort as much money as you can get from a not so savvy customer? Sounds like the government needs to interfere with your unethical business strategies. Its the same attidude that I've been treated with all along. You ought to be shut down!! You see that, right?

So now of course my mothers phone is half broken, and has no data at all. I don't need to tell you how devastating that is. Once again Sprint has succeeded in causing more issues, by trying to grab every dollar they think that can get. That man is a pig!

Initially, my intention of this email wasn't to threaten Sprint, because I was hoping that I could work something out in my final attempt before hitting the courts. This previous occurance isn't helping. Man, what does it take to have a normal and pleasant interaction with Sprint. Look, if you have no interest in dealing with me, and I'm just viewed as a pain in your rear, then just tell me. Okay? If Sprint wants to continue screwing with me, then let me know, and we'll take this to the big leagues. I'm certain, as I have had this evaluated by an attorney, that I can get a ton of money out of you in court. Every penny that I've ever payed to Sprint, multiplied by quite a few is an obvious given. Then all the time and frustration. How much would you pay for vacation days? Well i spent mine all with Sprint. Those holidays where I couldn't just enjoy being with family. You have sucked all the joy out of life. Thank you for contributing to societies major stress related problems. I'm currently in my most crucial years education wise, and its devastating to know the amount of fruitless hours I spent trying to repair something that is seemingly unfixable. This isn't far from becoming a class action lawsuit. The question is if to wait, or if its even neseccary. Its in my best interest to work this out privately, as a large portion of the winnings would go to the attorny ( im not so sure that i wouldnt do a better job representing myself, as the anger and frustration thats accumulated over the years is so intense, i dont think anyone can represent myself better than I. There isn't a question i havent thought about, or an attemp i havent made. So that may be an option. That's my assurance that I'm not overreacting. I've spent forever thinking about this awful way I've been treated.) These arent just empty threats. I'm not full of the BS, that you guys harshly remind me of every time I speak to you. Do i sound like im kidding? Its really going to happen. Again, my original intent was more focused on seeing if you'll compensate me graciously for my years of loss, and wasn't sure I should threaten. That just change with you a Sprint employee trying to rip off my mother. Don't you think we pay a substantial amount already. You just ignited a spark and lit an already fueled tank. You blew it again!!

How would that look in the paper headlines? "Sprint stock plummets, as million dollar lawsuit closes". Or perhaps, "It was only a matter of time for worst ranking company to go under". Its a reality. And I believe my story will spread like wildfire, especially when its posted all over. If a guy who was forced to spend 45 minutes with a cable company made news a couple of days ago, I think mine would too. It blows that story out of the water. And he is suing the cable company.

In short, this is going to cost you a lot of money. The question is how it's gotten from you. Either in court for hundreds of thousands easy (and fees are paid), or by paying the very wronged customer a large portion of it. This way its more for me to justify for my suffering and less paying for you. The choice is yours.

The ball has just dropped, and I have made it my personal new years resolution to right those that have wronged me. I will fight for what's right! I will not back down! I will not be a coward, and submit to always being the good person I am by nature! I will not let the scamming continue!!! I assure you, i will do absolutely whatever it takes to revert, and have that piece of mind that I vaguely remember. Whatever means are necessary, I will be compensated for my losses!! Do I have to draw up the necessary papers, submitting you to court?

There are a few things I would like to clarify before I send this email. I apoligize for the length of the email, but it was definitely necessary. Im not the best writer, but I have tried to express my feelings as accurately as possible. I have not exaggerated one iota. And please remember that as long as it took you to read this email, and hopefully act accordingly (even if it takes a full few days), it has taken me many times more then that (just 5 hours today alone, and over the course of a month to write this email)... That being said, I do appreciate the valuable time you may invest (unlike a certain company I know - sorry couldn't resist), so thanx for that.

Also, I have mentioned "you" many times throughout this email, and while i sure as *** hope that its the Ceo reading this now, I have not meant you personally in many instances. I was referring to the Sprint Corp. as a whole, or perhaps the previous CEO, under whose leadership most of this occurred. I think that needs to be adressed. As much as I sympathise for you being handed this giant company in a big mess (I know what that feels like to a certain extent), with the job of cleaning it up and all, it is what you signed on to do. I understand that some of these things weren't your choices or problems, but now they sort of are. So please rise to the challenge, fix what's badly broken, and work on building an improved company which doesnt cause people to cringe when they hear the name. The companies fate lies in your hands..

As I've mentioned before, you seem like a great person who's really trying to bring this company around. On a side note, the positive energy that I've been feeling lately (I think a nice message was sent to all adresses with some promotion deal) is nice to have. It shouldn't be underestimated. That's what we all need. Give off more positive vibes, and less BS ***. Just keep the lies to a minimum.

There's a long road ahead with the path taken being an uncertainty. It will be a tiring and gruesome journey, but hopefully it ends well for the company. I said this earlier, but I have this desire to see the company succeed one day, proving all my time and energy put into this email to be effective and worthwhile.

I apologize for any inconsistencies, spelling, or grammatical errors. I have to send this already.

Thank you again, and i hope to end this in a civil manner. I told you before, I want to see you succeed, and I want my well deserved money.

Happy new years!!

(please don't forget your most important resolution, the company you just became CEO of).


Lawsuit or not?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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