I had Sprint for a while, and tried to add them onto my debt consolidation. Instead of working with me in the debt consolidation, they want to harrass me at home.

Who has money to cancel something prior to two years? I owe at least 1,200. This is ridiculous. This shouldn't be allowed and if you dont have the money, we should be allowed to place on a debt consolidation, if necessary.

Now, I am being harrassed. This company is a multi-billion dollar company and cannot work with the consumer.

I will never use them again. This company is harrassing me.

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Stop being a deadbeat and pay your bills and you wouldn't have a problem.


I have used Sprint for 12 years. There was one misunderstanding on their part in all those years.

Other than that, as long as I pay my bill, I have zero problem with them.

I am sorry they are harrsing you. If someone owed me money, I would do all I could to colect; but it is a shame it is upsetting you.

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