I purchase the hot 4G Andriod and supposed unlimited $69.95 from Sprint through Radio Shack. What a joke in AZ. Barely 4G anywhere not even 3G in Mesa, a huge city. None where I am at. The hot spot is slower that an 80s computer with a virus. I can't even watch any You tube videos. Forget a movie. It all freezes up. I can barely write this now. Radio Shack says tough luck. Same at Sprint. After the God like commercial from the CEO. A liar. Full umlimited is $99.95. Land lines aren't included. Nice huh?

Now I get to pay the disconnect fee or get my credit ruined. No way out.

FCC is in bed with them all. This Bernie Madoff bad though. Worst cell scam ever. The other carriers know it. Love the switch.

Run from Sprint. Don't buy it. The pay as you go is better service.

Sprint only has 4G in three states running.

Call your AGs. Stop deceptive practices.

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Do you even know how to us the 4g? I do a lot of travel with my company and I for a fact know that 4G is offerd in a plethera of states.

IN,OH,IL,MI,FL,DC,MO,KS,TX,MA are just the states that I have used it in and the speed is phenominal. and in the plan the ceo talks about the 69.99 plan is unlimited data mobile to mobile txt and vids now where does it say landlines are unlimited.

However if you go on the the simply everything plan then yes landlines are free. You should pay a little closer attention to details it pays in the end.

to Nameless Cleveland, Ohio, United States #650603

Nameless- You're full of *** because Sprint does not have 4g service in Ohio as of 2013. In fact, only a handful of areas nationwide have Sprint's 4g lte as of right now (and that is according to Sprint's own network vision listing where it is available), despite their coverage maps and sales associates who all say otherwise.

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