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I contacted Sprint PCS via their Click to Chat option to find out when my contract was complete. I was told, very clearly, that my contract was ended and I would not be charged an early termination fee.

Four days later, I again did Click to Chat and tried to end my service. I was told, no, I had a line that wouldn't be done until November, and I would be charged an early termination fee. After 20 minutes I finally got a supervisor, who told me I couldn't get HER supervisor because "this issue is not eligible for escalation."

Excuse me?! Because of _Sprint's_ incompetency, I am going to have to pay this fee?

After 8 years with them, this is the treatment I get. I will _never_ use or recommend Sprint PCS to anyone.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how to get this resolved equitably?

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Sprint does not give customer service enough time to resolve your issue on the phone. They don't care about their loyal employees only new hires which can't help you do to lack of training. The customers are suffering due to this tragic company!


I am having the same problem now. I have no proof either.

It told me on my online account it was up in July and now they are saying I renewed in April.

which I do not remember doing. It's like being slammed by the same company

Zagoryanskiy, Moscow, Russian Federation #28035

I have learned the hard way with Sprint that the only way to get any issues including billing straightened out is to go to the store. I refuse to try and do anything over the phone or online with them anymore.

I also had printed out proof of my contract ending. I was told that I wouldn't be charged a termination fee and I was. I was trying to drop from 2 lines to 1. I went to the store and it took over an hour and 3 phone calls made from the store before the store decided to override the charges and correct the billing.

The customer service rep on the phone had refused to. I have no other complaints against Sprint except for the billing. It is really hard to make any changes to your plan without problems.

Stay calm when you go to the store and have the proof with you. Don't give up!

Shelocta, Pennsylvania, United States #25219

I got off the phone about an hour ago with Sprint customer service. I have more than one line (3) and have been calling for the past few months about cancelling service and getting the exact date for when I can cancel service without penalty.

Like you did, I went on the online chat program (about a week ago) and discussed same with Sprint customer service. I printed out the chat page (as evidence) as I know Sprint service sux from past experience I've had.

When the rep told me today that I could only cancel one phone line and the others could not be canceled until September, I wanted answers. The rep over the phone today REFUSED to let me talk to a supervisor. When I told her I had a printout of the chat conversation from Sprint customer service to back up my conversation (as she told me they have NO RECORD of ANY calls I made to customer service - yeah, right), she then said I would have to go to a Sprint store, with my printed evidenced of being told I could cancel without penalty, and the Sprint rep would then have to call customer service back.

This is so shady it's pathetic. I have not canceled service yet because of this and now have METRO PCS too. Hopefully, I can get this resolved and if I do, I'll let you know.

Venus, Pennsylvania, United States #21481

Sorry to hear that. We too had a fine experience with Sprint and have never and will never recommend them to anyone. And they don't make it easy to straighten out matters.

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