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Signed with Sprint 2 yrs. ago with a 30 day NO penalty option to cancel. We cancelled before 30 day deadline.Sprint charged my credit card $200 penalty.

I worked with Radioshack(where we signed up for Sprint) & with Sprint but no refund.

I was bounced from Sprint Customer service to their Financing Dept. for over NINE hours one day + several other days over the last TWO years. Was given the following bull*!^# :-

1. My credit card acct. would be credited back

2.Acct. could not be found

3. A refund check was sent to me

4.The amount was credited back to my account.

Spoke to too many people. Radioshack salesperson also tried for hours to get across to them. I know because I spent 5 hours at Radioshack with the salesman on the phone being passed back and forth from him to me.

Radioshack salesman also tried to get answers from local Sprint representative again with no results .

This is the worst customer service I have ever had.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

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