Today was the latest in a long list of issues I have had with Sprint. Sprint's customer service is the worst I have EVER experienced--it is as if they are doing you a favor by even picking up the phone.

After repeatedly confirming my "contract expiry" date of 11/2007 (they messed up my contract expiration date repeatedly, which caused me to be very cautious about documenting conversations, etc.), I finally cut my ties and ported my phone # to another carrier only to receive a bill today for $200+ for "early termination fees."

I phoned them, got no where with a customer service rep who argued my contract expired in 2010 - so I spoke with a supervisor. The supervisor, Chris - whose ID # is FA40197 was beligerent and would not stop talking long enough for me to correct him about the issue with my account. He constantly spoke OVER me. He finally did explain that he had reversed the charge... but then went on to explain that he was "trying to educate me about why I was charged." Are you kidding me? How is EVER telling a customer you are trying to EDUCATE them ever a good idea? I then asked about an apology -- he simply repeated, "I have credited your account." This infuriated me that he refused to apologize so I persisted. I then repeated that they had messed up my account and charged me in error and so he reversed the charge -- doesn't that entitle me to an apology. This guy again dodged giving me an apology. Like his reversing the charge for their mistake WAS MY FAULT? Uh, no. I then repeated it again, asking him if he thought I was at least entitled to a simple "my apologies" - he finally relented and apologized.

I have spent no less than 12 hours (cumulative) on the phone with sprint since Dec 2007 - when I bought and returned a phone without ever having activated it. Apparently, they do not know how to handle that -- i had made no change to my account, had not interrupted my service, nothing. Yet, it took 4 months to get credit for the returned phone, 1/2 dozen phone calls to straighten out the fact that since I had returned the phone, they could NOT extend my contract and then another 1/2 dozen calls 2 months later when they accidentally cancelled / inactivated my account for apparently no reason. They even put my # (my primary business phone is my cell #) into their aging system and it took them several days to re-coup the #.

Each and every time I have dealt with Sprint--with probably only 1 exception--I have had an absolute customer service nightmare.

These folks behave as though they are the only game in town. I am so sick of sprint, I have made other family members switch their service from Sprint to another carrier -- customer service from any other carrier (including a can/string operation) could never be as horrendous as Sprint's. In my experience, you must document everything and chase every dollar they owe you -- be prepared to spend lots of time on hold (their way of punishing you), prepare to be "accidentally disconnected," talked "down to," and treated poorly. I have had dozens of customer service experiences with them (unfortunately) and all but one or two went one of these ways.

Sprint PCS -- a customer service-less nightmare!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Cell Phone Upgrade.

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