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I am so very upset. My name is A. Roberts and I have been a Sprint PCS customer for almost 9 years. Last year, I went to one of their stores and a sales representative convinced me to purchase a blackberry and to re-new my contract. I purchased the new phone with the new contract around March 2010. About 3 months ago, I lost my phone. I have always paid for the extra protection, so of course I thought I would be covered. I called Sprint with my complaint, and was told that my insurance had been downgraded to Service and Repairs only, and that I would not be covered for the lost phone. I expressed that I had not made that request and asked how that could happen. I was told that it may have happened when I purchased a new phone. I had spoken with more than 25 people. One of the reps name was John and he actually tried to help, by sending me a replacement phone. I told him that I needed it because I was going away on business and needed to access my e-mails remotely. He sent me a downgraded model as a temporary replacement. Unfortunatel, he sent it to the wrong address, and I never received it. I called back multiple times, and the nightmare started all over again. I had then spoke with a manager out of the New Mexico office, and I thought that my issue was going to get resolved. He gave me a direct line to reach him, and when I called the next day, all I was able to do was leave voicemail messages in a shared mail box. I left 3 or 4 messages before I had decided to give up. I received promises that they would further research my claim and contact me back. Eventually, I had to stop calling. I am pregnant and work long hours, and simply do not have the energy or time to continuously make these calls. This has been the worst service experience that I had ever gone through in my life. My issue has still not been addressed. I am going to the BBB now, because I do not appreciate being ripped off.

Sincerely Disgusted,

A. Roberts

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Sales Representative.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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