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I have been with Sprint since Dec of 07. The customer service from that company has been crappy since day 1.

First they tricked me into paying about $200 a month for the 2 phones my husband and I had when all we asked for was a family plan. We had no idea that what they fooled us into was everything that we didn't ask for. No one explains anything the way it should be. Its all a scheme to get more customers and to get them to pay more out of their pockets.

My bill was never right I always had to call and figure out what was going on this month. Not to mention the "brand new" phones we bought (motorola Krzr k1m) did not work right off the bat. Its as if I paid out the butt for a phone that has been used before and refurbished... So I call them to get a new phone for my husband and I.

And everytime I call I speak with someone who does not live in the U.S. but in the Philippines. Not only can I not understand anything coming out of their mouth but they don't understand me at all either so its frustrating on both sides. So I finally recieved the phone replacement I was asking for.

I set up the phones which was chaos b/c I could not understand the foreign person on the other end of the phone. After finally getting them set up I come to find out they gave me another piece of junk phone that was cutting off whenever if decided to. So I call back trying to figure out how to resolve this. Again the foreign person does not understand anything I am saying and keeps asking the same *** question over again about what is wrong with my phone.

At this point I just want to speak with a supervisor b/c I have been hung up on 3 times when they transfer me and quite frankley I am pissed. So I never speak to a supervisor and they want me to file a replacement phone with the insurance company who tells me I must fork over 50 dollars to have this order completed. I am furious b/c I should not be paying anything for a phone they shipped me that does not work and I called about right away. Its not like I held onto for 2 or 3 weeks and then it broke.

It was broke as soon as I had it off the charger... So to wrap this up I don't know who is running this company but just like dish network and just like target and probably many other companies. They need to quit hiring people over seas b/c the customer service from them is horrible and all for what? So they can pay them less so they can pocket more money.

Its a sad situation all around. I am sick to death of having to call them about anything. I wish I could just cancel my whole contract but who are we kidding what company now a days doesn't do that.

I wish they would quit b/c I have no clue what those people are saying on the other end of the phone and that *** me off!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I've been at war with sprint for 2 years. The first time my contact came up for renewal I was solicited by sprint to extend my contract. Wanting a new phone I took them up on the offer.

From there it pretty much was all downhill. My entire reason for extending my contact was to get a new phone, but the phone I wanted wasn't in stock, so they sent me a phone that I didn't want that wasn't even as good as my old one.

For that reason I continued to use my old phone. Being the busy fellow I am, I forgot I had that 2nd phone until I noticed on my bill that I was getting charged for 2 plans.

When I tried to cancel the 2nd plan that I had never used. I was told that since I didn't cancel it within 30 days I would have to pay for a phone line that didn't exist or pay the full service cancellation fee.....after hours of yelling...I finally hung up in disgust.

Instead of renewing my service, they added a 2nd phone service (at full price not a 2nd line price) and extended my contact for 2 years on both my new line and my old line.

After many many calls, and yelling at everyone that I could I finally got them after a year to switch me to a family plan, but they would never remove the non-existent line from my account, and I was still over charged.

Today I'm glad to say my war with sprint is over, but over the past 2 years I figure sprint ripped me off over a thousand dollars. It's sad when you have to pay a company for nothing just to keep your credit good. When all you've done to them is be a good customer that pays your bills.

Haverfordwest, Wales, United Kingdom #23718

I've been a customer with sprint with three years and never had 2 months where there wasn't some issue with sprint.

Rimersburg, Pennsylvania, United States #19587

Sprint worst customer service ever!! Pay for fee's and service that I don't even use (live tv, radio).

Took 3 months to get it straight, but still had to pay $250 dolllar service fee each month or collection fee. Pure BS.

Never sign up with sprint! (I'm on suppose to be on the $100 dollar plan and 23% discount off Kaiser employee)

Mecca, Makkah, Saudi Arabia #17847

I been with sprint since they brought nextel-until 2008 never had any major issues over the last 2 months-for some reason only known to them, I have not received a bill on time, and go yelling for my April Bill in May. Didnt get my May bill-So sprint being sprint-opted to charge me late fees, claimed the 2nd phone on my account was receiving text messages-that phone belongs to my folks who are seniors and they have no interest in the modern features.

When I called sprint one rep actually said to me, "Well sir, you should know when your payment is due." Why should I pay them for something I havent seen yet. Later after looking on there website. I found out that there was an extra $115 owed. Once again I called Sprint this was tuesday morning the 17th of june.

They didnt know what the extra amount was, and they had a nerve to say that something else may have hit after the bill was printed. Now what heck was about? It took several email's to them, get them to finally disclose what the money was for. After coming to an agreement they supposedly knocked off 50%.

To fair in this the phones and actual service isnt bad. I am very happy with the moguel i purchased in March-however there consumer service department is the worst in this country

Paw Paw, Michigan, United States #16554

Just b/c you don't have a problem doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I have had a problem since day 1 so I guess you're calling me a liar?

Why on earth would I waste my time on the internet filing a complaint if I wasn't this upset? The customer service for sprint wireless is AWFUL!!!!!!!

Roscommon, Michigan, United States #16550

I've been a sprint customer for 6 years never had a problem with their customer service !!!!

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