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I disagree with some of the things Sprint CSR's tell me. When I have a dispute over an obviously ridiculous charge, I am placated & lied to explaining that I will be contacted expediently to resolve my issue.

Then nothing happens but a text or voice message directing me to pay all charges or lose service. I then contact Sprint again and explain what has happened and give my dispute number. I am put on hold for a VERY long time so that the rep can confer with a supervisor who never gets on the phone. Again I am told that they will handle this issue and that they are sorry for the mis-handling of this issue.

Keep in mind, I have not insisted that they dismiss all charges instantly, but only investigate this dispute and contact me in an appropriate amount of time. This never happens. Again I either get a text or voice message about loss or interruption of service unless I pay up. Then I call again, Again I am assured that the problem will be resolved without interruption until dispute resolution is reached.

Then I cannot make outgoing calls, all my calls are re-directed to bill payment at Sprint. Be warned that if someone at Sprint makes a mistake, they still need you to pay for it because an employee who makes a mistake will never admit it and you will then run into an endless chain of employees who get away with passing the buck until so many mistakes are made that the company itself will protect their employees by stonewalling you and cutting service completely until you pay for what you shouldn't owe. This is a ridiculous business practice as they will fight to get an erroneous $100-200 dollars from a long term customer who is worth thousands per year and risk alienating that customer just for a small amount of money just because they cannot justify eating the cost of their own mistakes.


Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $980.

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