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I brought 2model8330 Blackberry@local Sprint store B4 I had it S0days I had majo problems.I went back E sprint n they sent me a reconditiond phone.I had tht phone 2 days B4 it gave me problems.Back 2 Sprint again,saleman wantd 2 giv e me a new model blackberry but sprint said no n promised him 2 send me a NEW phone.I got it 2 days later back 2 sprint w/the reconditoned#2.saleman n sprint. Promised me a new phone since these model was recalld for defect but Io had 2 go RtDmiles to get it frm main store.but when I got there they refused to give me a new blackberry Nso they workd opnb my phone.well,I came hopme n the same pro blem with my phone.I dnt kno what 2 do now?better business bureau I guessm

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

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i totally agree with you i have a HTC hero with them supposedily their BEST phone but i've had it replaced twice it keeps swiping clean of all info everytime it gets a lil warm and the current replacement i sent out for on the phone hasnt arrived yet.... for that matter i would say their billing is shady too...

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