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I've had my sprint account setup with automatic withdrawal continuously with the same bank for about one year. Just 2 months ago, some transaction failed, and sprint deleted my bank information from their systems database.

I found out 2 months later, when I received phone calls from sprint, saying they I owe them two months worth of bills, and my phone line was going to be shut off. So, speaking to a representative, who had a bad attitude, and accent, told me they don't have any bank information from me. I asked him to be more clear, and he said sprint never had any bank information from me. So, I asked him how it was possible that sprint electronically withdrew from me every month, and all a sudden my bank information was gone, and I was never charged for the last 2 months.

After a long talk, we decided that I'll just pay two months worth next week. Two days later my phone service is turned off. I call them again, same thing. This time a woman who says ok before every verb and noun in the english language, "ok, we're starting to get picture ok, ok"?

Same thing, she says, no problem we'll reinstate your service, and you'll pay in 5 days. I tell them this is real inconvenience. I could pay with my credit card. But, in terms of service, this unreliability is not good business.

So, I double checked the bank account they magically deleted, and it had more than sufficient funds the whole time, and even months prior to the incident. Two days before the date I was going to pay, they shut off my phone again. I call them, and they said i was 3 days late with my bill. After more frustration, sprint sent me an email regarding a $15 cash back.

I call them up to get that money, and they say they never sent the email. They end up telling me that the only email they've sent to me (most recently), was three days prior to the one I claim, regarding a payment complete notice.

I verified the mail they sent is from Instead they said I am lucky they waived a $10 late fee with my late fee.

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