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WOW! that sounds like excitement, but I assure you it is NOT. I ordered a blackberry curve from an online 3rd party, got sprint all inclusive service for $99 bux, AWESOME DEAL!!! Well, I did this with the assurance that service would be great even though we live in a rural area on the border of Illinois/Indiana & the time difference is a nightmare. "NEVER FEAR, SPRINT IS HERE"... First of all, the blackberry I didnt care for, only because of the trackball type navigation, no biggy, but the service was HORRIBLE, intermittent, the time change towers just absolutely baffles cell phones out here, and I just wasnt happy, it was the same service I got with my previous carrier (hence the PREVIOUS PART!). So I called Sprint, as DIRECTED IN MY INFORMATION, cancelled services after 4 days and 11 minutes of phone useage, MAYBE 15 mins of data useage & a few text messages (all were supposed to be unlimited @ $99 a month). Sprint rep was super nice, got me goin, understood my delimna, didnt question my cancellation, gave me the old "Oh I know, poor you" BS, and sent me a package directing me to send the phone & all of its components along with the boxes & I would be credited 100% of my $$ and because my usage time was so small there would be NO CHARGE for my time used on their network.

BOY WAS HE FULL OF ***!! Got the return pkg, sent all of the stuff in as directed, got my receipt from FedEx (THANK GOD) & awaited my refund. I would have died waiting of course.

This all happened in early November, called in 2 weeks, my phone return was not in their system yet...December rolls around, so I gave it a total of 30 days, and then began my nightmare! Calling their return equip dept, faxing (per their request) the bill as they were showing I was never charged for the phone, but I was! I faxed this dam bill 6x in 2 weeks & they "never received it" mind you, I was faxing it from different places, so it wasnt any 1 machine failure... I finally sent it via a fax program online, and amazingly it arrived. They agreed I had pd for the phone, BUT, it was 2 days over the time limit for a refund... WHAT????????????ROUND & ROUND & ROUND.... return equip dept, cancellation dept, supervisors, all documented :) They were courteous friendly people, just *** or should I say thought I WAS.

After I kid you not.. 19 hours & 11 minutes on time on the phone with their company, I am finally getting a partial refund of my $110.38, the refund will be for $100 because they are bound & determined to charge me for my network usage.. yah, imagine that! & the freakin refund will take approximately 30 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL OF THIS BECAUSE THE FIRST CSR spoke broken english, was not able to communicate, and gave me the wrong information on what to do with the phone return to begin with.

Now when I see the Sprint Commercial with the CEO of sprint, I want to barf! I am going to send them a bill for all of my time, faxes, stress, and network usage & see what happens. I am well aware that they wont pay it, but it will give me some satisfaction, and I think each month I will tack on late fees & over the limit fees and whatever else I can think of. I will post any further info as it happens!!


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