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@Stephanie your comment is silly, sprint loaned him nothing, they insisted he continue to pay for a SERVICE they did not provide as he was not capable of consuming it, and by no stretch was it near half of their worth, as it was a SERVICE which he did not partake of, therefore they lost nothing, several charities did however lose money. thank you for mentioning your sympathy but I never asked for it, or needed it, I also did not ask for sympathy from sprint or any other company, I requested compassion, as did the American cancer society, catholic charities, the lung association and several local charities who paid the bill they collected from a dying man. to your ego I wish the same for your family as was extended to mine, as for any other portion of you I waste no effort on.

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My husband was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. I contacted sprint to see if, as he would be bed ridden, and our income had been slashed by2/3's they would allow his contract to cancel.

I explained that I would forward doctors notes, x-rays, whatever they need. I said feel free to contact the Doctor directly, whatever we need to do, we are willing. They said no. So for the 15 months my husband fought cancer, I called sprint every month to argue and see if they had changed their mind, and every month they denied me and insisted on payment.

As I said earlier I lost 2/3's of our family income, so I became dependant on charity to help pay some bills, and guess what, sprint was paid at least 3 monthly payments by The American Cancer Society, Catholic Charities, and a local church group. Can you imagine sprint depositing a check from the people who collect funds to fight cancer???

I hope the board of directors is enjoying their time on this plane because I'm pretty sure the next one is going to be pretty hot! I find them to be lower than whale dung, as insignificant as ant droppings, and as offensive as , well, I cant think of anything comparable to sprint in offensiveness.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #661482

I have stage 4 liver cancer and I am almost dead (I will never let my wife know it), but T-Mobile is the same way. My wife called them and informed them my phone was broke, and that it was the only way I had to contact anyone.

She advised them I was on hospice and that we had insurance on the phone, and that if need be, we would pay for additional for shipping. They informed me that they had the HTC on back order and I would not get a phone for three weeks, but I could PAY them to send another phone. I am sorry you went through this hassle with your husband regarding billing, but I have found that in this day and age...

a lot of people and companies SUCK! :cry


@BETH I have buried my husband and my hatred for silly people, and companies. Although, we will never agree about corprate greed, we can agree that your family has my heartfelt wishes that you, while uncomfortable, not termial, endure all we did and then justify it as equitable.

We will never agree that terminal and inconveinient are not the same, so LIVE LONG, TAKE A PILL, YOUR CREDITORS THANK YOU! we are both clean in my Gods eyes, who said do unto others as they do unto you, so, dont back pedal Beth! Its your rules, and $1500.00 your family wont use to get you pain killers or whatever it is you require, sprint happily will bank your money and you can smile knowing you did your part to ease their burden.

Wow, you win? :zzz

to BUGS1MOMMA #1505574

It is not do unto other as they do unto you that is a despicable principle to follow. It is do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You need Jesus there is something wrong with your thinker.


There is not a service provider ANYWHERE that will go out of business because of relinquishing a terminal cancer patient of their contract even if there are thousands of them. Businesses have to recognize conditions that restrict the ability of a consumer to pay.

It is not charity, it is purely common sense.

The contractual agreements are truly idiotic anyway. I would have changed services to a lower cost service (vonage comes to mind)and told Sprint to take a walk.


So did everyone really get offended by Beth? The one person who said what needed to be said.

We all fall upon hard times. Everyone in the world right now is suffering from something that is detrimental to them. While I sympathize with each and every situation, businesses simply can not run on emotions and sympathy. If you loaned someone half of your savings and, you in turn, needed those savings to live a few weeks down the road...

would you be like, "Oh no, you keep it, I'll just figure out what to do on my own" ..

probably not. You'd want that back.


I do empathize with you. Really sad to see that Sprint can be caviler towards a real & suffering customer. Shame on you Sprint - you suck :(

to Gretch #1505570

Why should Sprint be shamed for insisting on payment when the customer calls and asks about being allowed not to pay? Instead of wasting charity money on a recuuring bill he can't use.

Just cancel the service and they would send you a final bill for however much is owed on the contract. So instead of paying $120 for three months of service that is not being used. It would be a one time payment of $120 plus $200 for the breach of contract. Sprint can not force you to pay anything or to keep a contract of service.

They should have asked for legal counsel. Or someone who could explain their rights under the contract.

This is just wastefulness due to ignorance shame on you. You Suck.


Beth: I feel sorry for you because you have no humanity just like the SOBs at Sprint. They are greedy and have no compassion.

Just being a human demands that common decency be observed. You correctly identified one of the main problems in giant corporations...they are heartless. And, by the way, equating Fibromyalgia with lung cancer shows how dense you are. While fibromyalgia causes discomfort and is debilitating, lung cancer is perhaps a thousand times worse.

Get over yourself; get out of your ivory tower and learn what life is really about. Sprint is destined to implode just as Enron did.

This illustration of their unbridled greed is reprehensible. I hope their shovels are really heavy as they go through eternity in ***!


@Beth Im sry for your illness, however it is not terminal, and you will not be medicated to a point that you are no longer able to converse, let alone hold a phone.If you click on his pic attatched you will see his oxygen and on the table in blue is his morphine drip. Thats the person sprint required keep a cell phone.

You cannot see hes in a wheelchair. Reguardless of all that, I was called a liar by a credit counsilor when I said no sprint wont let him out of his contract, they wwere astonished! And their business is credit management, and the companies which provide it.

I told them you call sprint, I call monthly to waste an hour of my time, and loose that same precios time with my husband. So, Beth, your situation, although sad is nothing like mine, you will live and learn to get through your credit issues, I only have a funeral expence to cover at this point.


Yes they are a business ... just like pay day loan companies, health insurance companies and other businesses that use every loophole and excuse to treat people as anything but human. And while I feel for you Beth, the apathy you have experienced is no excuse for your own.


I am really sorry about your husband, but you must remember they are a business. If everyone who was terminal or had a disability that came on suddenly, called a business and asked to cancel, they might go out business.

I know your situation sucks but you must remember that in the contract that you sign, I am sure it doesn't say for unseen causes like terminal illness or a disability that they will cancel. I have fibromyalgia and I can only work a few days, I came into a lot of debt because of this but no one cared either.

Like I say they are running a business not a charity. Again I am sorry about your husband and hope that you climb out of debt soon.


They should be ashamed of themselves.

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