I have been a customer of Sprint for 6 years. I have a family plan with 3 lines.

My fone is 4 years old and I pay the $7. insurance on it each month. Last week my fone died. I went on the Sprint website and it said my account was in good standing and because I was such a vauled customer I had all of these perks available to me.

I went to the local Sprint store and they said that I just needed a new battery which they sold me. That was not the problem. When I returned to the store I was informed that they are Sprint resellers and the deals mentioned on Sprint My Account page were not available to me thru them. I contacted Sprint customer service and was told that I had to go to a Sprint company store.

On Saturday I went to the Sprint company store. I arrived at 10AM and there were 2 employees and 4 people ahead of me. After waiting for over 45 minutes I was told that they could get me a new fone but I would have to pay $85.00 and sign up for an additional 2 years! I said what about all the perks available to me and the insurance I had paid for all of these years.

I was told that that deal was only available on-line with the company and that I had to call customer service. I feel like my time has been wasted and I have been lied to. I will check out T Mobile and the other wireless cmpanies. Sprint obviously doesn't care.

I hope they go bankrupt. They deserve it.

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They tried to charge you a whole $85.00?? The nerve of them trying to sell a phone at a discounted price.

I hope that you showed them and paid the full $299.99. That'll show them!

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #333126

You obviously can't afford a phone you broke-*** loser. Get over it and quite whining like a little beeyotch.


You missed the point! I was told to wait 5 days on May 27 for the $49.99

Sprint decided to ship me the phone and not change the plan! My friend

it is called Bait and switch! There Is more mail involved than you see


I am a 10 year veteran with this company! when the plan never materialized they sent me a new phone that I never ordered,but get this, they kept on charging me the old rate, not the rate they quoted me! I called it bait and switch, others have called it cramming! Both are illegal under federal law!

What would you do?

I was conned into paying part of the July bill because they told me I had credits that would make my bill close to the 49.99 plus tax as promised! Well I got my Aug 2011 bill and it is over $100.00

To Sprint:Your firm is not customer oriented! It seems like you are out to gouge

anyone you can! Any time I talk to one of you, you twist the facts so

they are not recognizable!


Online Pricing is not the same for the retail location. This poster is the reason there are such long waits at Sprint.

Over four years you paid almost $336 for insurance per line.

(Jokes on you) I bet your a customer that gets the "FREE" phone and complains your service sucks!! I hope you don't get approved at T-mobile!!!


God forbid a customer do a little research or read any fine print before complaining about being lied to. You're just lazy and blaming someone else for your own misunderstanding. I hope you get cancer and die.

-A Sprint Rep

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