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I am writing to ask that the state of Minnesota ensue the discontinuation of business and home communications services provided by Sprint. Listed below are the reasons.

1. The sales practices used are unethical. I purchased my mobile internet device at Bruggers bagels via the internet through a pyramid sales organization similar to Amway. Sprint could not tell me the name of the sales organization that sold me the unit. The sales people, three Somali gentlemen, wanted me to also sell this device to other people since I have sales experience. One gentleman showed me his brand new Porsche car that he has purchased through sales commissions. I stated that I was looking for internet service that would be less expensive than Comcast, which had cost me $64 a month is the past. The assured me this device would only be $60 a month. This was an ergergious lie, as you can see by my bills.

2. The billing practices are unethical. I paid $108 the first month (I understood their would be a installation fee). The second month however, I received a bill of $550! I called to ask why and they informed me the billing was by data. I asked if I could check to see when I went over data usage, but they had no way I could check this, but told me to go to

I have finally canceled this service but I am very upset about the $200 cancellation fee. It takes them less than a minute to cancel the service, so on a per hour basis ($200 x 60 minutes) they are charged $1200 dollars an hour to cancel the service.

I believe the Attorney general of the state of Minnesota should serve a class action lawsuit against Sprint to recover the thousands of dollars of working families like myself who are being bilked out of money by Sprint.

One action would be to extend the cancelation period to 90 days. This way a person like myself could get an accurate idea of the service provided. Please contact Sprint and help me get a full refund and also to extend the cancelation period to 90 days.


Stephen Law

Former Sprint account

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I have a bridge that I'd like to sell you! Question- just how *** are you??

This was in no way Sprint's fault!

You took a risk and bought the device from some organization that you know nothing about. Next time, use common sense!

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