Sprint's lack of customer service is unreal. In today's market where customer's have other options. We all need to just cancel our service and move on. So many customers have suffered from doing business with Sprint. They obviously have more concern in taking our money and less concern in correcting the ongoing issues with customer service.

If everyone who has ever dealt with Sprint. Can spread the word. I think it will send a messsage to them. Forcing them to address this ongoing issue

with their inability to provide professional customer

service. No service, equest no money!!!

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Sprint don't give Customer service enough time to resolve the issues. Unlike other companies that do, in addition sprint don't value their loyal employees they get too many new people that can't resolve your issue unlike other companies. That's what makes them different & makes them a Tragic company!


I hate to be the one to tell you but,to the person who is dissappointed with Sprint and suggests that we cancel service and move on, GUESS WHAT PAL...ALL OF THE PHONE COMPANIES ARE INCOMPETENT, INCONSIDERATE, AND CONTEMPTIBLE!!! COMPLAIN TO THE FCC!!! If everyone complains to the FCC maybe someone will listen.

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