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I just learned that Sprint scammed me on my two lines with a "Lease" agreement, where I pay between $25 and $30 per line for the phone every month, but at the end of the "2 year agreement", I will not own the phone. So, in effect, I have a 2 year agreement, paid $1320 ($720 + $600) for the two phones in addition to my plan, and Sprint will still own the phones. I was told that if I need the phone at the end of the agreement period, I will have to pay them an additional $200+ per phone!

And, when I said that this is not right and no other carrier has anything like this, they said "Well, you signed the contract, and it is stated in the contract and it is binding!".

Shame on you Sprint for taking customers for a ride like this. You are banking on the fact that Customers will not make a differentiation between the installment plan and your "Lease" and cheating customers off their money! I am calling T-Mobile and sending this contract to them. I will make sure that everyone is aware of this scam

Reason of review: Scam by Sprint on the lease plan.

Monetary Loss: $1320.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Fraudulent billing, Fraudulent contract.

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Sprint is a fraudulent company. They tricked me into switching to their company, promising a free year of unlimited service.

After billing me online to my credit card, for activation and service, they were very late delivering the SIM card. Even after I installed their SIM card, the service did not work at all. I called and after spending days and many hours, they "admitted" that my phone type was having issues getting service (though I think that was just a stall / tricking technique). They told me I had to go to a physical store location to get it activated.

I did that. For most of the year, they continually charged me exorbitant amounts of money for monthly service (which was supposed to be free), charged me multiple times for activation, and also ran my credit multiple times without reason. They ruined my credit score. They use the following methods to discourage customers from calling: 1) by transferring you overseas (India, Sri Lanka, Philippines) to Sprint Agents that clearly don't mean to help you.

1 - a) Their agents don't speak English, or barely at all. 1 - b) Agents hang up on you intentionally. 1 - c) Rude and / or laugh at you over the phone. 1 - d) Placing you on hold.

1 - e) Intentionally dragging out the phone conversation for 30, 40 minutes, or longer. Then ultimately hanging up on you and having no record of the call. 2) Say they have to call you back, and reach you no matter what time they call to "confirm" the changes or credits owed to you. 3) Even if you get any credit, it can't go back to your credit card (therefore stealing your money anyway - because they can overcharge all they want, but it stays under their control and ownership).

4) Delaying help. Pretending to help, but asking you to wait 1, 2 days. 3 days. "10 business days." 5) Falsely "escalating" to "Escalation Dept" and / or "Executive Team." 6) Refusing to cancel service.

7) Threaten to hurt your credit by charging false fees to begin with, then additional late fees if not paid on time, and sending account to collections even if all the original charges from Sprint are fraudulent.

I met a Sprint store manager who admitted to me that this is a very common problem and that he sees this scenario on a daily basis. I WOULD LIKE TO FIND A LAWYER / LAWYERS WHO WILL SUE SPRINT FOR FRAUD, DECEPTION, AND ALL OTHER LAWS BROKEN TO STEAL OUR MONEY, TIME, EFFORT, AND FOR OUR FRUSTRATION.


You're not even safe bringing your own phone to Sprint. Sprint was charging me a monthly BYOD (bring your own device) fee as well as their other numerous fees.

It was ridiculous to pay $50/month for 1GB Data. Oh, and, that $60 unlimited plan with your own phone will end up being $90/month.

Where's the jaw-dropping savings? Where's the great ooh-awe deal?


I had a Similar issue. I agreed to upgrade my phone.

The deal going at the time was For $5 a month and a new 2 year contract, I would get a new, next model phone. they billed me every month for the purchase price of the phone. The store said they couldn't help Sprint had to fix it. Sprint said the store "coded' wrong.

I am stuck with the bill for a phone I would not have purchased had I not been mislead. SPRINT, I am done with you!!

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