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Sprint sold me a contract for a phone and a boardband card and assured me that I would have a good signal at my home. I could not get more than one bar and then every call was dropped, don't even get me started on the broadband card.

Then they wanted to charge me $400 for quiting the service. Stay away, far away and let these crooks go out of business.

With the ecomnomy today companies have no place in our world, we need people to work together and sprint does not know what that means. All that they want to do is fill their own pockets and *** on the little guy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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The same thing just happened to me. They charged me $159.

for 2 weeks worth of service for no coverage.

They would not refund my money even though their website says "30 days to try it or it's free". Everyone stay FAR FAR FAR away from this unethical company

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