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I had an upgrade with Sprint for a new cell phone. I picked out the one I wanted, with the help of a sales clerk.

We went over the features, blah blah blah, I liked the phone and proceeded to purchase it. After I purchased it, paid $165, I was informed that they had no phone in stock and would have to order one. I can have them overnight it for an additional $12. I said screw it, I'll pay the $12.

So the next day I go to the store to pick up my new phone. The same sales clerk transferred the phone over and after all was said and done, handed me the phone and it was the wrong phone! She looked it up and saw that she made a mistake and ordered the wrong phone AND gave me the wrong price! We were just talking about the phone!!

How could she order the wrong one??

Anyway, now, I have no upgrade (the upgrade is attached to the wrong phone) the money I paid for the phone has been credited to my bill AND if I want the phone, I have to pay full price!! I called the Sprint company and was told there was nothing they can do, to take it up with the store!

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Bagenalstown, Carlow, Ireland #221133

Lizzy, If i were you i would go to consumer protection, I had a similar problem & when i got onto CP they said that i had a cooling off period where as i could eturn the phone or demand a replacement. I think that you should go back & tell them that you are going to CP & see what their reaction is. You may well get the phone you wanted in the first place!!

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