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Dear, Sprint Nextel Top Management

I never thought I would find myself as angry, frustrated, and disappointed in Sprint's customer service as I am today. As a long-time customer of Sprint, I had become accustomed to being treated with civility and to having my questions answered promptly and correctly. This is my letter just voicing my concern over the lack of customer service skills that your call center rep have. I have had my Nextel service for over 5 years. Any time that I have had to call in the last 2 years I have had to call at least 4 to 5 times before getting the problem resolved. I currently had an issue where my checking account had NSF because of fraudulent charges. Instead of trying to work with a customer that has had no previous problems regarding bad checks I get put thru the ringer. I was told incorrect information and hung up on several times. Finally I go pay $400 and was then told NO your service won’t be restored until up pay 173.43 more! After 5 years of paying and not having any problems this is how a GOOD customer is treated. I finally asked that last manager I spoke with (I believe her name was Claire Dane) if the previous calls can to pulled and listened to because I was already told by the supervisor that did the conference call with the bank that after the $400 payment was made my service would be restored. Mrs. Dane told me she had no idea how to get that information. I just think it really poor customer service and manager that just say whatever. I just wanted someone to be aware that maybe your reps should get a little more CUSTOMER SERVICE training before handling real customers. Also it’s not just the rep. If you have a manager on the phone and you have to ask her to look at the notes on you account that not a very good manager. I will be joining the many other people I know who have switched their services from sprint to any other service provider. I believe that my over 5 years of service I shouldn’t be treated like someone who just recently received service. Also something else to add I ask the last rep if she could tell me how many times it was documented that I called. She advised me 4. When she told me that I was really surprised because I had called at least 7-10 times. She that tells me ever time I was hung up on the rep wasn’t documenting again. I also had a rep that was just going to restore my service and let me take care of the conference call between escalation department and my bank on Monday but I told her that’s not what I wanted. I having never tried to get extra thing I just want to be treated like the good customer I am. Also just to note something else I found it quite interesting that when I type Sprint complaints on Google I get LOTS of blogs and website made by people that have had the same bad experience.

Maybe customer service should be placed above profit. Better training will make better reps. this would have been the end of my letter but of course not. Today 07/22 I give in and go pay the 173.00 dollars at the Sprint/Nextel store in Fuquay Varina. I wait about 2 hrs before calling to find out when my service would be restored. Then I think no I will do a chat online with a rep and that would be easier. She comes on and looks up my account and then tells me I have to pay 75.00 before my account can be restored. Ok here again I’m put thru the ringer and still no service. I call while still chatting with the rep and get a very nice young lady who really did review my account and told me to turn my phone off for 5 min. I did that and still nothing. So I still wait about and hour and a half before I call back and speak with another young lady who also tell me to turn my phone off this time for 15 mins. Still nothing at this point I’m tired and going to bed and will deal with it in the morning. Then next morning(07/23/08)I call and get a young lady again who says she see the problem and needs to setup a payment arraignment for the $75 and I tell her ok I can pay this on 08/01. She puts me on hold for a few seconds and then comes back and tell me I would have to pay $75 by 08/02 and to turn my phone off and then back on and I should have service in about 10 min. This time it was true and I was like about time I have been going around in circles since Friday (07/18) about this. Then during the afternoon my service is restricted from making out going calls. WHY! I just spoke with someone that morning so why again do I have to call back. I’m at work and have to wait to get off work and call. When I do I get the young man who tell me your phone is off because of your past due balance. I thought I have already done what I was suppose to do. The phone I was using loses service so I call back in and get another young man who tells me to turn my phone off and then back on again. Also that I must make another payment before 07/31 or my service will be disconnected again.

OK this all started from fraudulent charges on my bank account. I was getting it taken care of and need my service provider that I have had many years to work with me. I’m not trying to get anything but what I think I deserve for being a good customer fro so many years. From 07/18-07/23 I think I might have call over 20 times. I really would have never thought that there would be I time that I don’t even want a cell phone because of all the issue. Believe me it’s not just me. You should try call into one of your call center and just hearing the things your reps are tell people. Also I would really like it if someone will pull my call so you can also know that the things I’m saying are true and I really feel I was treated very badly. I will leave my account information in bottom of letter for that purpose.

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