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In November 2009, I asked for Sprint Customer Service to upgrade my air card. I spoke to an agent named Helen. She offered me a rebate on a new air card device. Soon after I received the device I realized that it did not work on my work lap top. This was a huge hardship as I was unable to access work materials on-line for a crucial conference call that I had for work on a Saturday morning. After calling Customer Service I found out that the new air card was activated on an incorrect phone number. A ticket was created to resolve the matter. Sprint Customer Service offered me a new air card but I preferred a cancellation of the account due to the significance of the hardship this created. Sprint refused to waive the $190 cancellation fee even while admitting that they were at fault. Customer Service was horrific. I was on hold for periods of up to half an hour. I was passed from agent to agent. Calls lasted for hours. One customer service representative named Scott described my problem as "trite". It was finally agreed that Sprint would charge me up front for the cancellation fee and then subsequently reimburse my other cell phone bill $10 a month for 12 months, as well as a billing cycle for the air card. This was negotiated with an Account Manager named Brian whose phone number is 254-295-8770.

One month later I received a new lap top for Christmas that had Windows 7 Operating System. I then realized that the Samsung Instinct mobile phone uses a software called "Sprint Media Manager" that is incompatible with Windows 7 Operating system. I was on the phone with Sprint's Tech team and they informed me that Sprint was NOT working on a resolution. I therefore negotiated a $50 cancellation fee for canceling the cell phone line but asked to be reimbursed for the air card cancellation fee as well but they refused. A billing case number was created by a customer service agent named Phillip C3277302. He informed me that an account Manager would call me back in 3 days. Nobody ever called back.

One week later, I called back and am now on the phone with Sprint Customer Service. This call has lasted for over an hour. I have been typing this email during my hold time. The first agent who answered the phone yelled at me and then hung up. They are refusing to take accountability for the air card and refusing to refund my early cancellation fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Cell Phone Upgrade.

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Sprint won't allow enough time for customer service to resolve your issues on the phone. Thats why you get hang ups & transfers.

They hire constantly & the new people can't resolve your issues due to lack of training.

The customers suffer with this tragic of a company. Gl you will need it!


Sprint don't give customer service enough time to resolve your issue on the phone. Thats why you experience hang ups & transfers to avoid being fired for too long of calls.

They are only interested in getting new hires which can't resolve your issue due to lack of training. The customers are suffering due to this tragic company.


The Instinct isn't top of the line FYI! The phone was made before Windows 7 was released.

The fact that you want to cancel because of your phone not connecting to your computer is a joke.

If you was so smart you could have logged into to make sure you had the right ESN activated on your account. Smart Guy!!


i just got my instinct phone and your right its a POS can't do anything but play music over priced kids toy using the web is fine on it except the screen is way to small for a touch screen needs a stilis sent with them and the media manger have 5 phones and none of them can use media manger from smith micro LOL they told me it works like a small computer yeah right if that were true i could do all i want with it.

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