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Director Responsibilities. A director's principal responsibility is to promote the best

interests of Sprint Nextel and its shareholders in overseeing the management of Sprint

Nextel's business and affairs. The performance of these responsibilities entails the

following: (1) overseeing the conduct of Sprint Nextel's business generally; (2) reviewing

and approving Sprint Nextel's fundamental operating, financial and other corporate plans,

strategies and objectives; (3) selecting, regularly evaluating, fixing the compensation of

and, as appropriate, retaining or replacing the Chief Executive Officer (including any other

positions held by such individual, the "CEO"); (4) ensuring appropriate attention is devoted

to principal senior officer succession plans; (5) approving policies of corporate conduct,

including policies regarding (a) compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and

(b) maintenance of accounting, financial and other controls; (6) assessing Sprint Nextel's

material risks and business resiliency; (7) ensuring processes are in place to maintain the

ethics, integrity and good corporate citizenship of Sprint Nextel; and (8) performing other

responsibilities specifically prescribed by applicable laws and regulations and Sprint Nextel's

Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation. Dear Sprint and Nextel have traditionally held integrity and ethics as core elements of their respective cultures and now that we have come together this unwavering commitment to doing the right thing for the right reasons will continue as we move forward as Sprint Nextel. It is our responsibility to treat employees, customers, investors, business partners and communities with honesty and integrity while providing reliable and superior service. Acting with integrity is not just the right thing to do; it is the guiding principle that will make Sprint Nextel the premier communications company in the management

My question for you Mr Forsee is what do you do when your front line reps provide false/misleading /inaccurate information regarding customers account? What is the protocol for statements that your reps make in regards to charges on account and credits.? I already know that this will be forwarded along back down chain for someone else to contact me regarding issue. However I have spoken with Exec care Kesha Tucker several times and I was told by her that basically sprint does not follow thru with any promises our statements reps make to customers regarding their accounts. Nor will sprint credit month service for false/misleading/ misinformation provided by rep even with the statements being documented.

Your Ethics and compliance states


Sprint Nextel relies on accurate information and reliable records to make responsible

business decisions. Sprint Nextel requires honest and accurate recording, reporting and

retention of information. This includes all business records, such as quality, safety or

personnel, as well as financial records.

All financial books, records and accounts must accurately reflect transactions and events,

and must conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and, as applicable, to

Sprint Nextel's system of internal controls.

Here are additional guidelines to keep in mind:

â–º Do not make false, artificial or misleading entries or omissions in any system, book

or record for any reason in connection with your business with Sprint Nextel.

â–º Keep systems, books, records and accounts in reasonable detail so that they

accurately reflect transactions and events.

â–º Complete expense reports and time reporting accurately and completely.

â–º Do not create or maintain secrets or unrecorded funds, assets or accounts for any


â–º Never intentionally make a payment or approve an invoice, expense report or other

document that is incorrect, misleading or inaccurate.

Here is my issue I received inaccurate account information by phone and chat email Aug 2010, regarding my account and issues on site while making payment. I contacted your care dept clearly stated the issue and gave them the correct billing information. My card was processed the amunt posted to my account. One of your reps stated via email that a double payment was made on my account and one would be refunded back. I stated that there was no refund warranted , and then restated issue payment online incorrect funding, that account is not funded please note account correct payment made thru IVR and provided the card #. I received 4 emails all stating I was wrong , one even states that there were 3 payments not 2. I then called and spoke with cust care , in regards to issue. The rep stated the payment went thru , posted account balance 0 , and that refund was issued on a card on my account. I stated to her that's impossible one of accounts was not funded, She stated that it went thru and that your company never refunds unless it has too, she then reiterated we refunded back 152.70 for a double payment, we asked her if we were going to be recharged for refund , She stated no. A week later our account showed payment returned nsf with a 25.00 fee + 152.70. The non funded card was processed my account not noted like I requested. The payment I stated as correct was refunded to card. If my account had been thoroughly looked at like one rep assured me would happen this could have been avoided. My account has never been late since I signed with your company. The phones were on a soft dx for an issue that was caused by the account not being accessed thoroughly and or notated. We have all the email correspondence which clearly shows the issue and 4 replies all saying I was wrong. Making statements and claims regarding accounts is not really providing accurate account information as stated in your company policy.

In your corporate responsibility report you stated..

"Responsibility and accountability are

issues we take very seriously at Sprint

Nextel. Whether it's a large corporate wide

practice or an individual employee

dealing directly with a single customer,

we want to make sure that we are

always behaving in an honest and

ethical manner."

Since then my account has been inaccurate, and charges that KEISHA TUCKER stated she was removing 41.98 in Aug for downloads that were suppose to have been blocked months prior but apparently were not. I have spoken with care via email and phone and have not been provided with the same information. My base plan 2 year agreement is 160.98. I overpaid last month by 30.00 that should have gone towards current bill. I also receive a corporate discount of 29.00 thru my employer. factor in taxes and amount comes to 152.70. I was told my sept bill was 223.31. then I was told the downloads were credited again with brought bill to 181.02. My over payment brought bill down another 30.00 to 150.00. My bill is 152.70 monthly not 181.00 that is not what I signed contract for nor is that what is showing in base plan online. I have asked several times how that figure was come too since we have gone thru previous statements , add on, etc. and also checked base plan which shows before taxes and corporate discount. Each correspondence from cust care again shows contradicting information, even thought the previous notes are right in front of them. I have never received such inaccurate information from a business before. I received a 25.00 credit for this issue, that is not acceptable, I would like a month credit for this issue or release the account from contract so that we may seek service elsewhere. Kesha tucker stated that crediting a month was impossible, even though we have documented proof of conversations with reps all stating false misleading inaccurate information. Apparently even though reps employed by sprint, there statements and claims are not backed by sprint. Which as a consumer is confusing. So now I turn to you for your assistance .

From our Chairman and CEO to our

Chief Ethics Officer to our approximately

60,000 employees, Sprint Nextel believes

that operating with a constant focus

on honesty and ethical behavior is an

inherent part of success. Demonstrating

integrity is good business and is the

only way Sprint Nextel will compete. It

is our responsibility to our customers,

communities, employees and

stakeholders to do that, and we strive to

meet their expectations.

Your employee handbook states as follows…


COMPLYING All Sprint Nextel employees and Board Members are responsible for: "¢ Complying not only with the letter but also the spirit of all applicable laws, rules and regulations "¢ Observing high ethical standards when conducting business on Sprint Nextel's behalf "¢ Asking questions when in doubt about the appropriateness of a situation "¢ Reporting known or suspected violations of any applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures "¢ Certifying their familiarity and compliance with the Code, its standards, policies and procedures Accurate and Reliable Business Records Sprint Nextel relies on accurate information and reliable records to make responsible business decisions. To that end, each employee must prepare and maintain all company records accurately and honestly. No false, artificial or misleading entries should be made in any books, records or accounts of Sprint Nextel and no company funds should be used for any purpose other than as described in the documents supporting payment. Failure to abide by the Code can compromise the reputation of Sprint Nextel and may also result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Unethical or illegal acts cannot be justified by saying that they "helped the bottom line," or were directed by a higher authority in the organization. Each employee is responsible for his or her actions. You are never authorized to commit, or direct someone to commit, an unethical or illegal act. Additionally, you cannot use a contractor, agent, consultant, broker, distributor or other third party to perform any act prohibited by law or by the Code. Employees are obligated to report violations of the law, the Code or any other company policy or procedure. You may be subject to discipline, up to and including termination, for your failure to do so. Any employee with a question about the Code or who needs to report a known or suspected violation should do one of the following: "¢ Contact Your Supervisor. Review the matter with your supervisor. Supervisors Do it now Delegate and empower Be accountable Focus on customers Demonstrate teamwork and camaraderie Compete like winners Develop Innovate Act with integrity Have fun Sprint Code of Conduct The Code is applicable to all employees, the Sprint board of directors,

Why is the consumer penalized for your reps actions? I am seeking your assistance with this matter, you are the chairman as well as CEO, and I would like to know how is this ethical billing practice or providing corporate social responsibility? AS long as your reps are not giving correct information regarding accounts your cust service level will continue to dwindle. I am asking you for an account credit of 1 month or release form contract with no fees. My account reps would have been redirected for this , and we were trained to investigate all account /billing issues and provide an accurate answer as well as crediting customer for inconvience or issues that rep may have caused by misinformation. I would just like resolution in this matter. I am only 1 person who cares if I pull my account our complain . I may be one but my company has corporate account and employees over 100,000 employees nationwide not to mention amount of consumers/customers that we speak to in a day. If your company cannot do what is right other potential customer or current ones need to know exactly how Sprint conducts business and provides excellent customer service .

Again we have all documented proof and would be glad to send to you for verification of claims, We are asking for 1 month credit or contract release no fees for sprint reps providing misleading account information wich is not ethical billing practice as well as complying with FCC and FCC consumer account protection. I will end this with a quote from you …

A company is much more than the

products and services it sells; the

effect a company has on the people,

communities and world around it goes

to the very core of the way

that company conducts business.

As such, Sprint Nextel's actions

affect everyone our business touches

– our shareholders, our vendors, our

customers and certainly our 60,000

employees. I know; I am one of them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $335.

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I have an ethics problem with Sprint. They acquire the collection agency, Asset Acceptance to file a claim every year to keep any residual account that you have ever had with Sprint current on ones credit report.

With that in mind, I had an account with Sprint back in the latter 90s and early 2000s. In 2001 my account was utilized by my daughter erroneously and I filed a police report against her for utilizing my telephone while I was asleep, inflating my usage and the cost of my monthly plan, informing Sprint with the police report. Sprint informed me that I should have been aware, inferring that I was horrible parent for not knowing. The usage occurred between the hours of 2300 and 0630.

The debt was incurred in 2001! Fast forward to 2011 and it is still on my credit report with an additional $2,000 attached to it. I left Sprint in that same year. Is it me or should this debt no longer be on my credit report?

I have attempted to negotiate a settlement with Asset Acceptance, because Sprint has no record, what-so-ever of my debt. Is it me or should this not be on my credit report. I was told to contact a legal representative next month with Asset Acceptance to negotiate again, because I informed them I am currently on Active Duty and attempting to pay off my debt. I am a reservist in the U.S.

Navy and I don’t make a lot of money in the civilian sector, due to relocation and the economy. Being a reservist and working a $7.50 an hour job does not afford me a lot of money to pay-off, let along pay my monthly expenditures. I am presently taking advantage of the fact that I am gainfully employed with the military by attempting pay what I owe. The point I'm making is that through Asset Acceptance, Sprint is keeping the debt alive.

I don't have a problem paying my debts past and/or present, but at this point, I feel the need to fight this claim. I am in a position to fight this claim, because I am a Legalman Petty Officer 2nd Class in the Navy with the JAG Corp and a Paralegal as a civilian, I know the law. This is in so many ways unethical and erroneous! There is no way this debt should be allowed to be kept alive when the statue of limitations has passed.

Not only is this unethical, it is ILLEGAL! :(

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