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I've been a Sprint Nextel customer since 2005 and I am dissapointed to say that my favourite cell carrier became one of my biggest nightmares.

I work as a truck driver and I travel a lot in the U.S. and Canada as well. In 2008 I replaced the phone I had then with another one from Sprint that was advertised at a lower price if I was to renew my 2 year agreement. Until then all my incoming calls were free and I never got charged roaming in Canada but all was about to change. After a few weeks when I noticed I got charged, I called customer service and I was told that my plan changed when I replaced my phone. I was going to pay for all my voice calls from then on. I was a little bit confused because nobody warned me my plan will change once I renew my contract. I was aware of the charges incurred in Canada and I used my cell phone very often there to check my e-mail inbox, listen to music online and watch YouTube clips. Every time my bill came, it was no more than 200-300 dollars a month.

At the end of February 2011 I had to go to Canada one more time after a long break. My boss explained he had no one else to send there I was stuck with that load. As always I used my phone no more than what I usually use it for. After about 12 hours of use, while I was already on my way back home I checked my personal E-mail inbox and I found and E-mail from Sprint-Nextel warning me that my plan incurred more than $500 in Data Charges. I stopped using the internet immediately on both the phones I had with me. I contacted Sprint and complained about the fact that I never got charged Roaming in Canada for Internet but they offered me a deal of 25% off which I refused.The customer service representative told me it is all they can do and they can not reduce my bill any more. My charges were over 600 dollars in just 24 hours. I called and complained but I solved nothing. I told them I never got charged and nothing. When we were talking about my second line that incurred about 80 dollars in charges they told me they can cut the bill by 25% or 30 something dollars. I accepted the amount instead of the percentage because I thought it will reduce my 80 dollars bill more. The problem was that they subtracted the amount from the whole bill amount which was over 1.300,00 dollars. I called again to complain and I told the customer service representative that I need to disconnect my service. At that moment I got transferred to an account manager or supervisor who promised me a 50% discount that will take effect in about 12 days. I waited for 12 days to see what happens and there was no discount. Instead I got hit with an 1,800.00 bill in the mail, they also disconnected me and made me pay the breach of agreement fees for all 3 of my phones and they announced a credit collector which contacted me almost immediately.

Like I told them I was entitled to an announcement before I got charged the 500 dollars and not after like they did. If my plan changed I was supposed to be let know by Sprint. Except the regular monthly bill and advertisements they sometimes send to the phone by text message I was never contacted by Sprint. I would like to know my options and if I am the only victim of this unfair practice or not. I am already thinking about seeking a lawyer's advice. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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More like you didn't read the receipt they gave you at the store showing the changes that were made that day. Also more like you continued using the services knowing you were going to be charged in Canada.


Oh yes, totally. I think most people have run into this kind of problem with any phone service.

I also had a problem when I purchased a new phone and renewed my contract. It too was changed without my knowledge until I had "surprise" charges.

I think reps who are selling new phones are maybe afraid to announce these changes in fear that you will not purchase the new phone and/or they will not make sales or renew contracts. This is wrong.

Also I got my "data" minutes on a bill a few months ago and they stated that a used over 26,000 minutes or something close to that. I would have to be on the internet for over half the month straight....really?

What happens is that they see opportunity to jack the customer I think and then don't want to take it off......

Sounds like you got jacked big time.

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