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I lost my job and was going to pay an early termination fee of $150 but the customer rep said "Stay until October (6 months) and you won't have to pay the fee" I paid for 6 more months though I could barely afford it. In october they told me I couldn't cancel for another 24 MONTHS!!!!

or I'd have to pay an early termination fee. Crooks. Now they keep billing me relentlessly even though I DID NOT USE THE PHONE AT ALL THE LAST SIX MONTHS.

and did exactly as the rep told me. Plus their phones are ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Cell Phone Upgrade.

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Yes, they are. I "voted" LIKE THIS and the total counter said only I had voted for the topic.

I went on to read the next review. When I came back to this one, the vote counter said 0 again, as if I hadn't voted even though a little box had come up verifying that I had, and changed the total to 1 before I went on. Hmmmm! Is Sprint doing trickery on this matter too?

Get this: My husband's company bought all their employees Nextel phones, and offered second phones at a substantial discount.

That was about 15 years ago when Nextel first came out. We were very pleased with Nextel. Then they merged with Sprint. Troubles began, but we stuck.

Then my husband died. I kept up my phone and dropped his phone and put the bill in my name by phone. I never signed a contract, and haven't since. My battery finally died and couldn't be replaced on my OLD phone, so I had to buy a new one in August 2011.

In March, 2012, I thought I had lost my phone and after 3 days went to the Sprint store to replace it. I liked the phone I lost so I chose another just like it. They salesman-mgr told me I couldn't buy that because I had already upgraded my phone last August and couldn't upgrade again until my contract expires next October. I told him I didn't upgrade, they just didn't have a phone like my old one.

No matter. I told him I didn't EVER sign a contract, and he should prove it to me. He called his home "office" or wherever they call, and THEY couldn't find a contract I had signed either. Still they would not allow me to purchase a new phone at the same price $69 but would let me buy it at $219!!!

I told them to stuff it, and left. I found my phone when I got home, and then I called my attorney and we talked about a class action suit against Sprint and their infringing on my right to discontinue a service with which I am dissatisfied, and their illegal enforcement of a non-existing contract. I wonder how many others out there feel like me? Why is this allowed in this country?

When did we lose our right to fire someone or not use their service anymore when we are not happy with it? Is anyone looking after the consumer anymore??????????? A good TORT attorney could make a bundle on this. The burden of proof would be on them, and they would be forced to repay all those breach of contract fees.

Contracts are not "assumed" or "suggested". They are legal documents requiring signatures...at least that's what they were in the past!

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