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If you agreed on a price for your new service by calling 1-800-Sprint1, don’t count on it. If you called sprint and tried to cancel your contract and someone give you authorization number, please don’t believe it. If you walked to sprint store to return your phone and they give you a receipt showing you got credit, don’t go to the bank with it. If they tell you they’ll send you a return kit for your phones, don’t check your mailbox or email. If they tried to get you off the phone by promising a supervisor will call you don’t waste time waiting for a ring. What they are trying to do is to buy time so you’ll have to pay an EARLY TERMINATION FEE. It all happened to me and warning you may be the best I can do about it.

I placed my order for 5 phone and 2100 minutes plan; salesperson agreed to charge me for $109.99 plus $20.00 for family unlimited text messaging. What I got on my first bill which they charge me for two months, $200.00 for text messaging for all phones and $60.00 for additional lines which I did not agree with. So I called and ask them to honor my verbal contract they said can’t do. I ask to terminate my contract they conference called with another department which gave me returned authorization and they said wait till you get your return package in the mail then port your phones to another provider and your service will be terminated automatically.

The Package never arrived so after 10 days I called. They were going to do me a fever to speed thing up email me the name of the store and return instruction in 24 to 48 hours. The email never came. I went from one store to another until I found a corp. store and returned my phone. They entered my refund in the computer and gave me a receipt for $300.00. I was happy. I changed to Verizon my old provider. I wasted a lot of time but no harm done!!!

Another bill came in the mail, no such refund for my phone I returned, and they added $1000.00 early termination fee. They also disconnect my air-card service for non-payment. My bill for 45 day usage was over $1,800.00 and I did not go over my minutes. So I called billing and accounting services explained everything hope I’ll get this squared away. Here’s what they are telling me:

We have no control over prices you were quoted when calling 1-800-Sprint1 they can tell you whatever they want. (I guess the first trick is for you to disconnect your old service). The return authorization you got by calling *2 (I think) is no good it was issued after 30 days. (What? your department issued this why didn’t they say sorry then?). The credit you received at the store is wrong you need to go back to the store and talk to them. Wait a minute this is a corporate store they keyed everything in the computer they gave me a receipt. In other words they said - who cares what you say we do what we want and you’ll have to pay or get a bad credit report. I’M MAAAAAD, AREN’T YOU?

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Sprint don't care about their employees so why would they care about the customers. Sprint does not give customer service enough time to resolve your issues.

Thats why you were referred back to the store. They are only interested in new Hires which can't help you due to lack of training.

The customers suffer due to this tragic company. GL you will need it in the future.

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