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I had sprint before and had a bad experience than but when my company brought blackberrys to use after we had use Nextel for a very long time.

Sprint brought Nextel or vice versus I don't really care, I decide to buy a LG Rumor for $125.00 from the sprint store for my son. I knew what I wanted and explained it to the Rep.

All I wanted for him was Unlimited text and if it came with a small amount of phone time then so be it.

In the First two weeks of have the phone I recieved a call fom a sprint Rep who explained that I was eligible for a free phone a samsung.

I explained that I didn't need a extra phone because I had my own personal nextel phone. She say I know sir I see you account but this is a add on line to that phone and it's free.

I said what do you mean free it's free sir with no extra charges I said are you sure at least 50 times during the conversation, I exagerate just a little about 50 times but you get my meaning.

I explained ok as I told the sprint rep who sold me the LG I don't won't my bill to exceed $50 per month on his phone my nextel was already $50 per month she said no problem.

So away after explain what I wanted and if it doesn't turn out that way I will cancel the acct. She said that was fine.

Well lo and behold my first bill was over $300.00 I called she said she was sorry about that and give credit and said it was clear up she just had to change some codes so it won't happen again.

Wait a minute did I said it's been six months and I had this same conversation at least 5 months every month. They kept billing me for the 2 phones on 2 separate plans when the LG was going to be only $50 p/m Plus insurance and taxes a little more.

Will last month I called I say I was tired and couldn't do it any more I was told I would incur a $150-200 for the agreement.

Than this lade explain she could fix it and I told her this has been going on for too long I don't want to wait any more. Even after she says it's fix it was't. I recalled this time a gentleman answers I told him to read the logs because I am tired of explaining he ask for a small explaination and he says i see the problem I said so did the last 8 or 9 people I spoke with he said sir I can fix this he asked me to check my account in a couple of days for the up date and lo and behold it look different the LG was on the Free and Clear Plan and The other one said add a phone Free and Clear

He told me during our conversation that he would also credit that overage but when I get the bill it's still at or aroung $200.

I am too through now I recalled and was told theirs nothing I can do I am not authorized I said who is she gave me a number I called I they ask me for something I had never been ask something like what was the first telephone no of my first phone I said what!!!!

I told him I was aways ask what was my first car make and model but he'd have none of it.

I spend on the phone at least 1 hour on the phone each call, wait I spend 2.5 hours One time while the lady kept trying codes and have me on hold.

I am just through with sprint personally I can't deal with it any long I pay the Nextel portion I just waiting for the call from sprint I know they are going to tell me I am behind. But if you can't fix what I complianed about for the past six months I can't explain it anymore. Stick a fork in me I am done.

The bad thing is I have been with Nextel for the Last 22 years. Now that sprint is involved I don't know whats going to happen my time is valuable too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Plan.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Well I will say it sounds like a load of *** to me. You hoped to get 3 phones per month for under $50??

Are you high?

Plus none of security questions that they can ask you are anything to do with a phone number. I beleive you called over and over, but I thinks its because your an ***.

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