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Over the last 22 months I have been trying to correct billing errors. My husband was deployed at the time and I noticed we had not been getting the credit for military. I called 2/06 and asked about it. I was told it was ***. Since then I had numerous issues with billing, things added and deleted without authorization. I finally spoke to someone July/August of 07. At that time she had done a lot of research and finally fixed some things that were not supposed to be on there and then credited the account $408.73 for not being given the credit all along, I told her we would probably be switching service because of a long history of problems with sprint. Now, I am being billed back that amount. I have called 3-4 times, finally spoke to someone on the 13th of Dec and that CSR spoke to a supervisor which said that she understood, read the notes, and the credit would be applied however there was a $90.61 balance which I paid immediately. Now I spoke to a supervisor named Matt who said no, it was not applied. He acknowledged that I had been billed incorrectly but since we left sprint they are reversing the credit for the incorrect billing. He mentioned the credit was done as an attempt to "save". I never agreed to stay with sprint to anyone; I made it clear I wasn't. In fact, I knew that I would be charged early termination fees but I would take the loss on the credit because of those fees, which I also made clear. I need this to go to a manager, not a supervisor to have this resolved. If I am forced to then I will obtain help from the legal department on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton as well as taking out several ads in the base newspaper trying to deter anyone from staying with you or obtaining new accounts as well as contacting the FCC and Better Business Bureau. Thank you in advance for helping to resolve this.


Monetary Loss: $450.

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