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I have been with Sprint for over 20 years and regret it big time. I can't make calls or receive calls from my own house, it was roaming.

I have to use wifi call to make calls, but the biggest problems are that I can't seem to receive calls and was missing a lot of calls. I called Sprint countless times and to no avail and many times I was cut off by their customer service rep. My account was also hacked, I reported the issue to Sprint and was told that some one from their fraud department will call me back, and of course no one from the fraud department calls me back. I tired to call the fraud department back a few times and can't never get through, so I gave up.

I got a third phone with other company so I can make calls and receive calls and this is the phone I used to contact Sprint with. I can't use my Sprint phones, how pathetic is that? After countless calls to Sprint and almost two months went by and still can't make or receive calls, I cancelled my account with Sprint. Now, they are billing me an outrage amount to be paid.

I refused to pay them.

If they are going to hold me to my end of the contract, they should also hold up their end of the contract by providing me with the service I paid them monthly for more than 20 years. To anyone out there that is reading this, DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SPRINT OR YOU WILL REGRET IT AND YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH THE CONTRACT AND NO PHONE SERVICE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I refused to pay Sprint the outrage amount that they are billing since I can't make or receive calls..

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