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3rd party companies sucks. They hire everyone and tell them that they will make alot of $$$ and then when qouta is not met they fire you.

I have worked for a 3rd party company for 2yrs. I have seen them tell corporate agents that customer service is # 1 and priority. When in private meetings, the DM's tell everyone in the crew "You must do what ever you can to get the sale. Add a line, do an upgrade, push out those numbers because your job relies upon the numbers." Well that is customer service now isn't it?

During a reg. day of work if you help a few customers and give great customer service to help explain a bill or fix a phone and you didn't put any sales in... YOU get yelled at by your DM. Well they say that they talk to you but in all reality they yell about why you have not sold anything all day.

Then they threaten you by saying that your job is on the line. Oh the greatest part is that some of the DM's want you to stand there and not be clocked on for work. "You CANNOT have overtime, but you are welcome to stay off the clock and work so that you can hit your personal numbers for the month." When you do that they send home the person that is suppose to be there for that shift and save the 3 or 4 hours of pay, maybe more. When looking for a cell phone job look for corporate stores and google it to make sure it is corporate.

Also know your rights.

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IT is all about UPSELL UPSELL UPSELL It is not about customer service.. it is refered to as out sourcing and the telemarketing jobs are going to *** the bullet one day when corporations find out they loose money by doing this ..

*** off their clientel and loose their loyal customers. Shame on you major corporations for trying to save a buck by out sourcing.. you are screwing the pooch when you do this..

there is no short cut to building a company! it takes dedications and loyalty to your customer following

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