We previously had 3 Evo 4G's and paid for the TEP insurance which, according to Sprint, would replace a damaged, lost or stolen phone with a new phone by paying a $50 deductible. When we upgraded phones this past July to the newer EVO 4G LTE we were told the same thing, new phones would be provided in the event of loss, damage or stolen. Even though the premium increased by $3 for each phone ($8 to $11) we continued with the policies for each line.

This week my son's phone suffered water damage and would not even boot up. In going online to Sprint's support chat they informed him to simply go into the local store and exchange the phone. The next day he did just that only to find out that's not how it works. First, you have to go online with the insurance company, Asurion, and file a claim. The claim requires documents to be filled out plus an affidavit and a photo ID of the primary account holder. Second, it's not a $50 deductible...it's $150!!

The grand finale coming up... upon receipt of the 'new' phone (after completing all the paperwork, etc. even though the Spring customer service said we didn't have to...but they were wrong...again)we discovered it's a 'refurbished' phone. Not 'new' as purported. The 'refurbished' phone had several mechanical flaws, he called Asurion who then sent out another replacement...another 'refurbished' phone. That, too, had physical damage and issues.

Prior to the receipt of the phones, we had an online chat with Sprint and they assured us.... twice.. that we would receive a 'new' phone.

Phone calls to Sprint resulted in nothing. They basically said 'tough luck' on the difference in the deductibles even though their sales reps still sell the policy incorrectly (stating $50 deductible instead of $150).

They said 'tough luck' on the refurbished vs. new phone since Asurion makes their own rules on what kind of phone (alledgedly) you can have (based on availability, they reserve the right..in other words, IF the 4G LTE were no longer made or available 'as new' then they are, in fact, still being sold 'new' by Sprint).

Now, why would we pay $11 monthly ( times 3 = $396 annually) and then pay $150 deductible to get a refurbished phone when we already paid their original costs for a 'new' phone to start the plan?

The whole thing is a sham. The protection doesn't provide anything at all. Monetarily it's much cheaper just to go find a used phone if yours breaks.

We wound up going to a local store and talking directly with the manager. He was new and eager to please. We're 10 year customers of Sprint and their phone support people treated us like they just didn't care. This manager was able to:

1) give us a $100 credit on our bill to compensate for the misrepresented deductible, and

2) swap the refurbished phone for a brand new one (we had a printout of the online chat conversation where the Sprint rep said twice that we'd get a 'new' one and not a 'refurbished' one because we had the insurance).

As it is, the damages were minimal after the manager stepped in. Without that, it would have been the $132 for the insurance premiums, the $149.00 we paid for the original phone and the $150.00 deductible to get the refurbished replacement.

In doing a quick search for EVO 4G LTE phones on Craigslist they range around $200 of which many were brand new.

So before taking their "Total Equipment PRotection" policy be sure to work out the numbers and get the straight facts on how it works for your specific phone(s).

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Yes this is happening to me now. I am been a Sprint Customer since1987 and have use the insurance over the years with varying degrees of success recent phone was replaced because it was overheating


Unfortunately, Asurion does Verizon and many other "warranty" companies. The items are all "remanufactured" or " refurbished".

They try to tell u a new phone, but they can get away with this mess because it is new to you. Ridiculous.


Sprint sucks..they have no customer service...none..they treat people like dirt..the only way you will get any communication with them is when you pay them. And pay them and pay them..America. its a scam


I am also pissed off with Sprint too regarding the TEP manage by Asurion. I went to Sprint to have it repair of the cracked screen in which I acquired less a month is still functional and I have insurance on the phone thinking that in case if something happened.

I was assured that I only pay $100 deductible to have it repair and they have to mail it to Apple, it takes around 5 days. Then Sprint rep told me to wait another couple of hours to have temporary phone for me to use for the meantime and I gave my husband no. to contact us when ready. I came back after couple of hours and no phone call from them.

Rep said they cannot repair it, you have to pay $200 to replace a new phone. I was so annoyed they didn't even bother to call me after waiting for more than 2 hours. Rep said that Apple has no screen available and did not manufactured for the new phone. It will take 2 to 3 months wait to have my phone repaired.Are you kidding me!!!

I was so disappointed!

So, I went to Apple store and set an appointment and they can repair the screen within 2 hours. That Rep at Sprint lied to me big time!

Painesville, Ohio, United States #1240076

My wife had the screen protection installed and it had lifetime warranty. When the screen broke and we took it to the store to be replaced, the rude shift manager said the policy was changed and now we had to go online and had the screen mailed to us and we had to do it ourselves.

Upon my questioning why they would change the policy as to their benefit and why I wasn't grandfathered in, she asked me to leave amd threatened to call the police if I didn't.

And believe me I want rude or angry. I was upset and that was enough for her to kick a customer who's been with sprinthe for over 15 years.

Ewa Beach, Hawaii, United States #1200177

Nice review. That helps me very much thank you


I totally agree. I have used Ausion for other companies warranties, but Spints is the worst.

My sons Galaxy S5 headhone jack stopped working on one side. It was not covered at my local Sprint company, not franchised, store.

I called Asuion and it was a $200 deductable. Total joke.


Sprint sucks i have a burn mark in my phone they want to charge me 200 for another phone i pay 11 a month for insurance what good is having insurance for worth nothing stay away from sprint a ripoff company i hate sprint i had my phone less then a year

to Anonymous #1226109

What's going in having insurance is that instead of spending $500+ on the spot on a new phone you spend $200. Plus, the $11/month over a year. So you're spending $132 + $200 in one year for a new phone.


Sprint PURPOSEFULLY deceives customers and potential customers. Take a look at the cut you bill in half campaign.

Total lies and bs. Look at Sprints customer service rating.

They are dead last.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1147457

Sprint is a total scam. Worst customer service ever.

Sales people lie. I believe they are trained to do so to make a sale.

When my contract is up I'm switching back to Verizon.


Sprint total care insurance is most definitely a scam. I shattered my iPhone 6 screen and it costs $200 to get it replaced/fixed.

I told the rep. that I would pass and fix it myself (which ive done before on all my other iphones). I just figured since I had insurance this time that it would cover it, NOPE HUGE SCAM. The Rep even tried to tell me that iPhone screens can't be replace, LMAO ROTFL.

I called him out on it, because that couldn't be a bigger load of bull $h*t.

Ive doled out over $150 in insurance since I've had the phone and they wan't another $200 to fix it. Yea, no thanks.

to Anonymous Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States #1201455

The purpose of the TEP is for you not to pay retail price for your phone if you was to lose or damage your phone. $200 dollars is way cheaper than paying $600.

Without the TEP you would have to pay retail price for a new phone. The only time you don't have to come out of pocket is if it's a manufactured defect.

Now, I agree sprint is a full load of bull *** but having the total protection plan will save you lots of money if you was to lose your phone. I have an iPhone 6 so the retail price on my phone is $600.

to Anonymous #1226112

Agreed with Anon above. What would you rather spend?

$200 + $132/year for a new phone? Or $600 on a new phone? You CAN totally replace an iPhone screen but it voids your warranty. If you do so and, cracking your screen, results in internal damage that can further screw up your phone?

Then you're out of luck.

No insurance will help. You need to pay full retail.

Winchester, Virginia, United States #700321

Doctor? More like Doctor ***!

Shut the *** up, loser! :(

Orlando, Florida, United States #676011

So I read these reviews and complaints. They all have one thing in common.

All the complaints are based on inconsistencies with information they were "told". Funny how consumers end up on these complaint sites after blindly agreeing to things with doing simple math then blame the evil store employees for signing up for something they didnt even try to understand before they agreed to pay for it. Pathetic.

Spend less time complaining and more time actually understanding what you're paying for. If you agree to pay for something you don't understand or at least validate, you deserve to get "ripped off".

to The Doctor Franklin, Indiana, United States #677345

Doctor? Doctor Who? :x

to The Master Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1206822

did you reference what i think you just did?

to The Doctor #759775

Wow--really? So if an employee says something that is misinformed or downright deceitful, it's the customer's fault for taking them at their word, and the employee shares no blame? Seriously?

to Mark #823438

Exactly! These companies have many tactics and loopholes to get themselves out of honoring a contract.

In business finance, this is called "passing on the debt". My phone was denied repair for a charging port issue because of an unrelated cracked screen... Reasoning? Well, the associate said the cracked screen voids warranty.

I replied: "what the *** does warranty have to do with insurance?" Her answer: The TOTAL protection plan does not cover accidents (although accidents are most likely in the high 90s% of damage); the port may have received damage in relation to the screen damage. While she explained this there is a huge sign behind her marketing the "TOTAL protection plan" with a picture of a phone with a cracked screen (false advertisement anyone?). In court the fine print holds no value if fraudulent claims are used to get the customer to sign. It is smart to buy prepaid these days as companies like Sprint have highly unethical ways of collecting money from people, in this case, the "TOTAL protection plan" that we pay them in trust that they will deliver their part of the transaction.

If sprint was just one little private business, the owner would be in jail for this matter alone. If you have this issue, complain to Daniel R.

Hesse, the CEO of sprint. Maybe enough people calling him out will spark some change but that's a long shot.

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