I tried to transfer the ownership of one of my Sprint lines to my sister and it has been a really disaster

The process started last Saturday (11/2) when we filed the forms online, then calling back on Monday (11/4) to finish the transaction. My sister was unable to get the new account approved because of her credit; the representative -from the Philippines who was reading a script for every question we had- were not very knowledgeable of the service and transaction we're trying to do. After she processed my sister's account, she told us that my sister had to pay $500 deposit in order to get the line transfer to her; we told the Representative that we didn't have that money for the deposit and asked her to cancel the transaction.

We found out today (11/6), that she actually finished the transaction; she transferred the line to a new (inactive & suspended) account plus without service. I called the Transfer My Ownership department at 855-808-4185, getting another lady in the Philippines and confirming that they did transfer the line on Monday (11/4) and that we're responsible for the $500 deposit; it has been already billed to my sister. To make the story short, I was transferred back and for from the Philippines to the United States four times to find out that they couldn't solved my problem.

The last Representative from the Financial Department understood my frustration and told me that they'll waive the deposit billed to my sister's new, suspended and inactive account because it was opened just recently, and the Philippines' Representative proceed with he transaction even thought we explained her, we didn't have the $500 for the deposit. When the Representative transferred me to the Credit Department to have them waive the $500 deposit, he told me that it cannot be done and we are responsible for the deposit.

I tried to call back the Credit and Financial Department and they're closed as of now. I have spent almost 4 hours trying to solve this issue! This is very frustrating, they explained they cannot put the line back in to the initial account, I have a termination fee in my account of $350 and now my sister has a bill of $500 for the deposit, service she has been unable to use; currently the phone is out of service!


This is VERY frustrating.

Thank you!

Review about: Sprint Account.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #1356915

Esta es la PEOR COMPANIA telefonica que he tenido. Cobran x todo.

Estoy tratando de trasladar una linea de telefono y no es posible.

ESTE SPRINT ES UNA BASURA. Nadie me ha dado una respuesta de como bajar esa forma.

San Jose, California, United States #1167272

my assistant required Sprint Change of Ownership Acceptance Form earlier this week and was told about a business that hosts lots of form templates . If you want Sprint Change of Ownership Acceptance Form as well , here's a http://pdf.ac/3X1OTm


This actually is the beginning of the end for Sprint. Sprint actually opens my mind to the world of Philippines i would have never known, those representatives are clueless, my world! I feel sorry for them, but they don't mind (no pun intended) messing an order and create a whole disaster for their clients.

Whomever convinced Sprint to send their jobs to the Philippines absolutely hates sprint and wants it FINISHED FOR GOOD!

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