I left a number for them to call me back.

Received a voicemail but my phone did not ring.

This happened a second time.

3rd call my phone rang and I established a tech support call

I explained the scam shield app from T-Mobile is not working on my phone.

The tech kept putting me on hold without conducting any troubleshooting.

A rooster kept crowing in the background on her side.

Almost an hour on the phone it appears she was attempting to escalate without success.

She offered for me to call another number for support, which I said no.

She offered a one time discount which I took.

1 do not appreciate speaking to someone in a foreign country with roosters crowing.

2 do not appreciate wasting well over 30 minutes with somebody that had no idea of what she was doing.

3 do not appreciate being told to call another number to be put on hold waiting for support.

I find it very extremely poor customer support For T-mobiles app on Sprint network.

I will continue to receive scam calls on my phone due to poor improperly trained foreign customer support.

Thank you [not] sprint, good luck keeping your customers

User's recommendation: Leave Sprint due to their cheap foreign untrained labor they Force on their customers.

Location: Palm Harbor, Florida

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