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First off, I was on the notes & the primary was with me. We went to a sprint booth located at a SAMS store. The primary & I wanted to upgrade while We were waiting & were told that "upgrades are illegal." I had to buy a new phone & a new plan. The guy was talking to the CS & they backed him up. I called the CS & they said that it wasnt illegal to upgrade & I could. I informed him about the guy & he was shut down. Still no upgrade.

Some months later, I go to a actual sprint store & asked if I can upgrade my phone. They said that it was illegal for nonprimaries to upgrade. I asked the clerk why & he called the manager who backed him up. I cant upgrade even if I was on the notes, had all the info & was given the green. I had to buy a new plan & phone.

I was given the CS# & I called, told them my issue. The supervisor said "yes you can upgrade, you are on the notes."

"well, theyre saying its illegal." "Let me talk to the guy." he does & the clerk hangs up on him. "Im not gonna give you an upgrade, its illegal." said the rude manager with a smug look on his face.

'I dont want a new phone."

'Well I cant help you." He turns to the clerk."If she causes more problems, kick her out."

And I was.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Manager.

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Actually, you can't unless the "Primary" is the account holder. Only the account holder, whos name and SSN are on the account can do it.

There are ways around it, but it's typically a big no-no.

You keep saying the primary was with you, is that the same as the account holder.

Example: Your mom is the "primary", but because she has *** credit, she had it put in your grandmothers name. That would make your grandmother the account holder and the only one that can authorize an upgrade.

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