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Of all things I regret, signing contracts with Sprint is near the top of that list. They are deceitful and lack customer service skills. My monthly bill is NEVER what it is supposed to be, in fact it is nearly double without any overages and it's very frustrating. On many occasions I have requested a detailed billing and have not received it. My issues seem to be ever increasing along with the monthly charges.

Another frustrating problem is, when I call customer care, I am often speaking unclearly to a foreign representative and cannot understand much of what he or she says. That is not customer care or service its non sense. To make matters worse I am literally stuck in this situation because I don't have enough money to pay the ETF and frankly do not wish to be forced to shell out money to break free from the unnecessary costs. Overall I have had so many issues with this company. It's almost worth it to let it get disconnected and hope that in the future I will be able to save up enough money to afford ETF. I shouldn't have to do this considering the amount of money I've already invested in the cheaply made phones they sold me claiming the quality was top notch. I'm done trying to remedy the problems, if I did stop paying them I'd also be forced to change my phone number. I technically own this number and unless I'm debt free I'm not allowed to port MY number. Everything in my life both personal and professionally will be effected if this were to occur.

It's really crappy reception on both my 4 G and 3 G phones and I live in the city. Often times I send or receive texts messages mostly work related and don't receive them until the next 24 or 48 hours. That is a risk for me as my work depends on the texts coming in on time. The stress level is high and I wish there was a solution to all the *** I have been dealing with over the years. It's a waste of time money and effort and I'm UNSATISFIED and furious.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Customer service, Run around from sprint.

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Texas, United States #959582

T-Mobile is willing to pay the etf fees if you switch to them and they have great customer support and service also.... Just a suggestion to get out of ur situation and your bill is always around the same give or take $10.00

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