All my voicemails take 3-12 hours to come through on sprint. After spending over 2 hours on chat with a tech all that I got was the voicemail totally doesn't work at all.

I then was given a phon number to call. Found out that the first guy erased all my voicemails for the day. never said anything at all about losing voice mail. I finally got it taken care of after 3 plus hours.

The online chat asked me if there was anything else that they could help me with. I replied, "else?" noting that they had not helped at all other than to waste my time.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have Sprint on iphone7 and voicemail was delayed for hours and then stopped coming altogether unless I called in. After being told it was a software problem by IT on the phone and being sent to a store where first guy couldn't fix it I got a smart tech.

I block lots of calls and there were 45 blocked messages accumulated and filling my voicemail - I thought if I deleted they would no longer be blocked.

Wrong. He deleted the 45 blocked messages, the blocked numbers remain blocked and my voicemail now works perfectly.


The usually less than minimum wage customer service workers that you encounter on chat or the phone are many times required to say/type certain things on each call or chat. They are scored on this point and can get marked off when the chat is reviewed.

I know it was totally inappropriate to be asked that, but the dimwits in charge of the "scripts" say they don't want to them altered in any way under any circumstances. In effect they want them to sound like robots. Most tier-1 facing customer service representatives are not trained in super-technical problems as the vast majority of calls and chats are simple questions regarding basic functionality and billing. I'm not making any excuses.

These companies certainly can afford a better customer service budget. Just wanted to pass along a few things to consider when chatting for 2 hours.

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