went to walgreens in river grove ill wanted to buy fushion prolong razor blades 4 for 1799 and get back 10 coupon with next purchase i thought it was good deal when got up to casher told her about sale she ran it up but no coupon came out she said something to manager but manager was to lazy to walk in back to look so i said forget about it the manager was fat any way when got home called walgreens to report this young gorl answered and said would call me in 2 days a week has gone by and no reply i want to target and bought 4 blades for 1299 so good bye to walgreens try to rip you off

Monetary Loss: $100.

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i wrote this at 6 in the morning and i went to walgreens at 8 when open nobody was in store this is not a english class irish

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #158631

Actually you are the lazy one. Too lazy to even press the shift key to begin a sentence with a capital letter, even proper nouns need a capital letter.

End sentences with a period. Besides he manager has other customers to worry about besides you. You have to wait your turn. Just because he does not drop everything to serve "your highness" hand and foot does not mean that he or she is lazy.

I really think that you are a child, your impatience, proper lack of sentence structure, and making fun of the manager's weight shows you are a child.

Your spelling is horrible as well, guess you are too lazy to run a spell check. It is "girl" not "gorl"

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