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I have been a SPRINT customer for 12 years. Living up to my contract and paying my bills on time.

I have two lines that have never experienced any problems. For the past 6 months SPRINTS coverage has been horrible, calls dropping excessively in my home and on my commute from SF to Vacaville and back. I call SPRINT this morning having to call three times to explain my situation due to the calls dropping....I finally get to a supervisor (Tanja) who says she will call me back if the call drops. Thank you!!!!

I explain the problem and she says that she can see the excessive dropped calls on both lines, explaining that SPRINT is working on several towers off of hwy 80, that she can send some box thing to help the coverage in my home but ...the call dropped! She did call back however due to NO COVERAGE across the bay bridge she left a message. I then call this evening and not only was I dropped 3x's I had to explain my story/situation to Andrew, Jessica, Vanessa and then supervisor Michael. Each very sorry for the situation Vanessa offers to take $75 off my bill for 2 months total $150.00.

I have now spent 2 hours of my day on the phone, I have 1 phone in & 1 is out of contract ($100 cxl fee). As I'm sitting outside, I thank her & say I just want out of my contract. She cant, so she gets MICHAEL. He tells me he wont do that he will schedule me to take my phones into SPRINT to test them, then he'd would have a conformation about that.

If I waste my time to do that, provide him with written confirmation that I want out of the contract. He said NO! I asked to speak with his boss? Mike said he was as high up as it goes.

I asked when he purchased SPRINT? He then tells me that if I send him back both my phones he would allow me out of the contract.

I told him that I owned 1 it is out of contract and that I had fulfilled my contract by paying my bills for 12 years that I wanted out due to SPRINT not fulfilling their half of the contract. I would love to speak with his boss........Grrrr

Monetary Loss: $100.

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